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'Raffy's World' is Listed in Top 100 Science Professor Blogs

Today, I was surprised to receive an e-mail message informing me that my blog, "Raffy's World (Random Notes, Random Thoughts)" has been listed in the "Top 100 Science Professor Blogs" maintained by the site, "Online Universities Weblog" (

I have not been updating my blog lately due to my busy schedule. With this new information, I think that I have to update my blog more frequently and beef up its contents.

Below is a complete list of "Top 100 Science Professor Blog" based on the site Online Universities Weblog: (My blog is listed under Engineering Professors).

Top 100 Science Professor Blogs
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If you’re studying science, one of the best types of resources you can find online are science professor blogs. On these science professor blogs, you’ll get an uncut look at science education, and get access to learning that doesn’t make it to the classroom. Check out our list to find 100 of the best blogs from science professors.


These professors discuss science in general.
Method: Find the best posts from science professors and beyond osn this blog.
Dr. Mom: Dr. Mom writes about her journey from grad school to postdoc to faculty member, with a family.
YoungFemaleScientist: YoungFemaleScientist is a postdoc in academic biomedical research.
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Read Janet D. Stemwedel’s blog about science and ethics.
Quest Community Science Blog: On this group blog, you’ll find an exploration of science, environment, and nature.
Temporary Professor?: Temporary Professor is a post-doctoral fellow and adjunct faculty member.
Science Infoblog: Learn about science from an educator’s perspective by following this blog.
Science Musings: Read Chet Raymo’s essay on the Science Musings blog.
Welcome to Explorations in Science with Dr. Michio Kaku: This professor is a popularizer of science.
Nerdy Science Blog: Read this blog to take a nerdy look at science.
Academia and Me: Read about this female scientist’s experiences in academia.
Professor Anonymous: Professor Anonymous works in the scientific department of a large university.
Simplicity & Complexity: Follow the Santa Fe Institute’s science developments on this blog.
Impact Lab: Impact Lab discusses the future of human experience.
Science in Society: Professors in all fields of science at Northwestern University contribute to this blog.
Propter Doc: Find lecturer notes from this post doc.
Janus Professor: Janus Professor is an assistant professor in a scientific field at Ivy League University.
Making Science Fun: Steve Spangler explains how you can make science fun.
Prof-like Substance: This professor is a faculty member in a science department at a northeastern university.
The n-Category Cafe: Here you’ll find a group blog on math, physics, and philosophy.
Unbalanced Reaction: This blogger just completed a one-year visiting assistant professor job.
Physical Science
Find chemistry, geology, and more in these science professor blogs.
FemaleScienceProfessor: This science professor blogger writes about being a science professor and a woman at the same time.
Useful Chemistry: Learn about the UsefulChem project at Drexel University on this blog.
RealClimate: The contributors to RealClimate include professors and other climate scientists.
Environmental Law Blog: Read Professor Susan Smith’s blog to learn about environmental law.
Sustainable Business Design: NE Landrum teaches about sustainable business.
Julio de Paula’s blog: Julio de Paula is the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and professor of chemistry at Lewis & Clark College.
Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog: Roger Pielke, Jr. is a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Wooster Geologists: Read this blog to learn about the latest news coming out of Wooster’s Geology department.
Social Science & Phsychology
These science professor blogs discuss social science and psychology.
A Gentleman’s C: This tenured faculty member delivers statistics lectures to social science majors.
Prof. Dr. Laksman Madurasinghe: Here you can read the blog of a consultant psychologist professor.
Cognitive Daily: Greta Munger is a Professor of Psychology at Davidson College.
Todd Kashdan: Todd Kashdan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at George Mason University.
Social Science Statistics Blog: Learn about social science statistical methods from this Harvard blog.


Get a professor’s view of medicine from these blogs.

DrugMonkey: These bloggers are NIH-funded researchers and faculty members.
virology blog: This blog is all about viruses and viral disease.
Juniorprof: Juniorprof is a neuroscientist in pharmacology on a tenure track position.
Bioethics Discussion Blog: Maurice Bernstein, MD offers a discussion on bioethics.
Hard Science: Read about biomedical research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on this blog.
Neuroethics & Law Blog: Professor Adam Kolber discusses legal and ethical issues related to the mind and brain.
Medical Futility Blog: Thaddeus Mason Pope teaches about medical futility.
Neurotopia: This PhD in Neuroscience works in a library and as an adjunct assistant professor.
Reflections by Dr. Bruce Campbell: Bruce Campbell works as an Otolaryngologist with the Medical College of Wisconsin.
Heartbit: Heartbit is an associate professor in clinical anatomy and medical physiology.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog: Michael Cohen writes about the laws governing complementary and alternative medicine on this blog.
Dr. Tori Hudson, ND: Tori Hudson is a naturopathic physcician who is an adjunct clinical professor with Bastyr University and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.
Dr. Geoff’s MedBlog: This doctor has practiced and taught emergency and internal medicine for over 20 years.
DoctorMama: DoctorMama is a mother, physician, wife, and educator.
NeuroLogica Blog: Steven Novella, MD is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine.
Renegade Neurologist: David Perlmutter is an adjunct instructor at the Institute for Functional Medicine.
Terra Sigillata: Here you’ll find the blog of an academic researcher and educator in pharmacology.
BrainBlog: Read Anthony Risser’s blog about neuropsychology.
A Natural Scientist: This natural scientist offers academic summaries on this blog.
Here to help: Dr. Scherger is a professor of clinical family and preventive medicine at the University of California San Diego.
Dr. Wes: Dr. Wes is a clinical associate professor of medicine at University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine.

Check out these blogs to find engineering professors.

FemaleEngineeringProfessor: This blogger is an associate professor at a large research university.
Macroelectronics: Read this blog to learn from a faculty member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland.
Go Engineering!: Go Engineering! explores the future of engineering education.
Raffy’s World: You’ll learn about applied mathematics and computational science from this associate professor in the Phillipines.
Candid Engineer in Academia: Learn about researching at Brilliant University on this blog.
Engineering Ethics Blog: Karl Stephan teaches engineering at Texas State University.
Ocean Engineering: You can learn about ocean engineering from this blog written by URI’s Department of Engineering.
Sciencewomen: These science professors share the change they want to see.
Physics & Astronomy
These professors share physics, astronomy news, and more.
Professor Astronomy: Learn about the news, research, and more in astronomy from this blogging professor.
Cosmic Variance: Read this blog to learn from physicists and astrophysicists.
Bad Astronomy: Phil Plait is an astronomer, lecturer, and author.
Astroprof: This college professor teaches physics and astronomy.
The Mind of Dr. Pion: Hear ravings on physics, education, and more from this theoretical physicist and practical professor.


Read about biology, evolution, and more on these science professor blogs.
EvolutionBlog: This professor has an unhealthy obsession with issues related to evolution and creationism.
On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess: Dr. Isis blogs about working at a major research university.
Pharyngula: Pharyngula is written by PZ Myers, a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota Morris.
Lost in Translation: Read Jonathan Kimmelman’s blog about biomedical ethics.
Ouroboros: Ouroboros offers a look into the biology of aging.
John Hawks: John Hawks is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison discussing paleoantrhopology, genetics, and evolution.
The Panda’s Thumb: Read The Panda’s Thumb to find a thoughtful discussion on evolution.
A Mad Tea-Party: This blogger is on the faculty in the biosciences department.
BBSRC: Read Professor Douglas Kell’s blog about bioscience for the future.
dechronization: These evolutionary biologists are interested in phylogeny. Professor Olsen discusses biology, human anatomy, and physiology.
Maine Birds: Read Herb Wilson’s blog to learn about orinthology, winder ecology, zoology, and much more.
NeuroDojo: Zen Faulkes’ blog will help you train your brain.
Professor Chaos: Professor Chaos is a young assistant professor in the biological sciences.
Biochemical Soul: Biochemical Soul is written by an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Elon University.
Professor in Training: Professor in Training is a new female assistant professor in the biomedical sciences at a large university.
The Tree of Life: Jonathan Eisen is an evolutionary biologist, professor at UC Davis, Open Access advocate, and Editor in Chief of PLoS Biology.
The EEB and flow: Here you’ll find a group evolutionary ecology blog written by scientists in academia and beyond.
Professor Boardman’s Bioblog: Learn about evolution and more on this biology professor’s blog.

Technology, Information & Computers

These blogs offer a view on computers, information, and technology.

Educational Technology Professor: Find reflections from a female professor in educational technology on this blog.
EagerEyes: Read Robert Kosara’s blog about information visualization, visual analytics, and more.
Billso: Bill Sideman discusses information systems and more on this blog.
Deltoid: Tim Lambert is a computer scientist at the University of New South Wales.
Hilary Mason: Hilary Mason is a computer science professor, data scientist, and web geek.
Harga-Blog: Andrew Hargadon’s blog offers a conversation about technology, design, and creativity.
Technology and Organizations: On Terri Griffith’s blog, you’ll read about the perception and use of technology in organizations.
Shtetl-Optimized: Scott Aaronson’s blog discusses theoretical computer science and more.
The Audio Prof: Check out Rob Potter’s blog about the cognitive processing of media messages.
Computer Science Department Blog: On this blog, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the computer science department at Virginia Tech.
IT Compliance: Privacy professor Rebecca Herold discusses IT compliance on this blog.
Daniel Lemire: Daniel Lemire is a professor of computer science at the University of Quebec at Montreal.
Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Read Eric Goldman’s blog to learn about the laws that surround technology and marketing.


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