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Workshop on Economic Modeling (Evolutionary Trade), Agent-Based Modeling and Grid Computing (Asian Development Bank) October 7 - 9, 2009

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Caption: Prof. Joshua Epstein of Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., USA is the main resource person during the Workshop. Link: http://www.brookings.edu/experts/epsteinj.aspx


(Workshop on South Asia Strategic Framework for Aid for Trade Road Map)
Auditorium Zone D, Asian Development Bank Headquarters, Manila, Philippines
7–9 October 2009

DAY 1 Wednesday, 7 October
08:30 Coffee and Registration
09:00-09:15 Introduction:

Welcome Remarks
Ashok Sharma, Director, Financial Sector Public Management and Trade
Division (SAFM), South Asia Department (SARD), Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Review of Agenda
Hans-Peter Brunner, Senior Economist (Trade), SAFM, SARD, ADB
09:15 The Eastern South Asia Economic Map on Diva
[Ongoing GIS work and experts]
Rafael Saldaña
, Consultant, ADB // Associate Professor, Ateneo de Manila University
10:00 Presentation: Millennium Development Goals and ADB's Strategy 2020
Shiladitya Chatterjee, Advisor, Office of the Director General, Strategy and Policy
Department (SPD), ADB
Coffee break
10:45 Presentation: Results Based Management at ADB
[How can development results from Aid for Trade interventions be linked to ADB's development indicator system?]
Walter Kolkma, Principal Resource Management Specialist, Results
Management Unit, SPD, ADB 2
11:15 Presentation: South Asia Regional Cooperation Strategy
Bruno Carrasco
, Director, Country Coordination and Regional Cooperation Division, SARD, ADB
12.15 Lunch at PDR2 hosted by Ashok Sharma, Director, SAFM, SARD, ADB
02:00 Getting Results: Mapping and Modeling Malaria in Africa
[Case study and demonstration, and how the work in Africa is relevant for ADB]
Dr. Nicolas Maire, Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland
Coffee break
03:00 ADB Computing Resources – What can ADB usefully provide for the team? Radhakrishnan Srinivasan, Principal IST Specialist (Enterprise Architect), Office of Information Systems and Technology, ADB
04:00 Volunteer Grid Application – Set-up Possibilities for the Strategic Project
[so team work can begin in earnest over long distances]
Dr. Simon Lin, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

DAY 2 Thursday, 8 October

09:00 Grafting Numeric Model on Logic Algorithm
[This will outline the necessary key elements of a regional mathematical representation of the relevant sector economy]
Rafael Saldaña and Hans-Peter Brunner
Coffee break
10:30 An Agent-Based Model for Trade and Development
[This will explain what agent based models can achieve better than conventional model efforts]
Prof. Joshua Epstein, The Brookings Institution, United States

The NECSI-MIT Approach to Models – What can we learn?
[Review of materials]
Hans-Peter Brunner
12:30 Lunch
02:00 Value Chain Examples in Bangladesh, Northeastern India, and Nepal
[Summary of approach, product selection, and linkage to impact model efforts across the region]
Atdhe Veliu, Global Development Solutions, LLC, United States
Break-off time
Dinner arrangement

DAY 3 Friday, 9 October
09:00 Technical Review of the Inception Report
[Key requirements and content for delivery by 5 November 2009]
Coffee break
10:00 Resource Allocation and Refined Work Plan under the R-PATA 7248
[Making the project work]

12:00 Lunch
02:00 Setting-up Grid Computing for the Project?
Discussion about data collection efforts and coordination with the field
[How do we insure we get reliable and informative impact results from the exercise for ADB?]
Break-off time
High-level Presentations of Eminent Resource Persons
Prof. Joshua Epstein and Dr. Nicolas Maire

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