Sunday, November 25, 2007

Goodbye Taipei, Hello Manila!

Today is November 26, 2007 and I am now in Taipei's International Airport (Taoyan). I am using it's free Internet service, several minutes before I board my plane to Manila.

It's been a productive trip for me -- I made two research presentations, attended the ONCO-MEDIA meeting, participated in the Medical Informatics Symposium in Taiwan (MIST 2007) and the ICT Asia Regional Seminar in Academia Sinica, and met the director and staff of the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Center.

In addition, I have visited many interesting tourist sites in Taipei.

An interesting thing happened to me at the check-in counter in the airport. The airline company allows 20 kilos of checked-in baggage. When I put my checked-in baggages for weighing at the ticket counter, I had a pleasant surprise: my checked-in baggages weighed EXACTLY 20 kilos. A very rare event!


in Taipei, Taiwan


Ambo said...

You just missed today's Innovation Summit at Makati Shangrila, at which President GMA was guest of honor. They served salmon for lunch. I am the only one that got the vegetarian special -- asparagus tips.


Rafael P. Saldaña, Ph.D. said...

Hi, Doc Mana.

Yes, I was supposed to be at the National Innovation Summit also at Makati, Shangrila; however, I arrived at the Manila International Airport at past 4 p.m. already -- too late for me to catch up with the Innovation Summit.