Sunday, September 7, 2008

Links to Photos Taken During the Philippine Science High School Alumni Homecoming 2008

.PSHS Homecoming 2008 -- Men of Batch '77: L-R: Mon D., Rene, Rolly, Fidel, Butch, Andy, Raffy, Keku

PSHS Hoemcoming 2008 -- Men of Bath '77: L-R: Mon D., Rolly, Fidel, Rene, Butch, Keku, Raffy, Em

The following batchmates (PSHS Class of 1977) were present during the PSHS Alumni Homecoming Night, 6 September 2008.

PSHS '77 Batch Attendees:

Em F. (with wife)
Cora (with daughter Chloe)
Mon D.
Rene A.
Rolly B.
Keku D.
Raf S.
Andy S.
Fidel B.
Butch R.

Note: I was busy with the PSHS AA Referendum (part of my task in PSHAA Board) and I was not able to mingle much with batchmates. Thank you very much Cora and Chloe for the valuable assistance during the referendum.

Below are links to photos taken by my camera during the PSHS 2008 Grand Alumni Homecoming 2008, Saturday, 6 September 2008:

1. Batch '77 Photos

2. PSHS AA 2008 Referendum

3. Other Photos

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PSHS '77

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