Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ICT Asia 2009 (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Caption: Rhia Trogo (left) is from De La Salle University, Raffy Saldana (center) is from Ateneo de Manila University, and Mahar Lagmay (right) is from University of the Philippines-Diliman. They are representing the Philippines in the 6th Regional ICT-Asia Seminar on February 11 - 12, 2009 at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

Caption: Dr. Daniel Racoceanu (left) is the Director of IPAL (Image Perception Access and Language), a France-Singapore Joint Laboratory. Daniel is Principal Investigator of the ONCO-MEDIA Project (http://www.onco-media.com) an international research collaboration funded by the French Government.Isabelle Epaillard (2nd) works at the Office of the Scientific Attache of the Embassy of France to the Philippines; Rhia Trogo (3rd) is a faculty member of the College of Computer Studies of De La Salle University-Manila; and Dr. Rafael "Raffy" Saldana (4th) is a faculty member of the School of Science and Engineering of Ateneo de Manila University. Raffy is Co-Principal Investigator of the ONCO-MEDIA Project (http://www.onco-media.com).


is a programme of the French Cooperation (Alliance Francais) to foster cooperation and networking in research and training in ICT in Asia.

ICT-Asia Seminar: Bangkok 2009

The 6th ICT-Asia regional seminar will take place on 11 and 12 February 2009 in Bangkok.

The themes of the seminar are:
  • Distributed systems - Communication Networks/Wireless Networks
  • Nanotechnologies and ICT - Quantum computing

  • Multimedia applications - Speech processing - Image processing and medical imaging

  • Context - Modelling - Decision support systems

  • Robotics

  • Computer security
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10 February 2009
- Arrival of participants at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
18h00 Departure of the bus from AIT to the French Embassy (in Bangkok)
19h00 - 21h00 Cocktail at the French Embassy
(to be continued)

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