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On Heroism and the Youth (Remembering Delo Manaog)


Photo Caption: Bantayog ng Mga Bayani in Quezon City

"On Heroism and the Youth" (Remembering Delo Manaog)

Note: Here are my thoughts for today, 2 February 2009:
Raffy Saldana (

We were young once. I'd like to believe that we still are -- young.

We had our share of idealism. I'd like to believe that we still are -- idealistic.

Last November 29, 2008 the University of the Philippines paid tribute to its martyrs and heroes: “Paggunita at Parangal Para sa mga Iskolar ng Bayan sa Bantayog ng mga Bayani: A Centennial Tribute to UP Martyrs and Heroes.”

One of those remembered and recognized by UP was my former classmate in Philippine Science High School (PSHS) in Diliman, Quezon City. His name is Rodelo “Delo” Manaog and he hailed from Mauban, Quezon.

I have written a blog entry on Delo [1]. Another PSHS batchmate, Miriam “Iye” Coronel (a UP Professor) wrote a beautiful piece about Delo in one of her newpaper columns [2].

We were teen-agers in the 70s and young adults in the 80s during the turbulent years of Martial Law in the Philippines. Delo Manaog was among those who fought the dictatorship. Together with thousands of idealistic young men and women, Delo stood for what he believed was right – to fight and die for freedom and democracy.

Many of us heeded the call of the times as what Delo had done; but Delo died young – a martyr and a hero.

Many of us survived, and now living in various modes of existence.

I’d like to believe that we are living meaningful lives – contributing in whatever way we can for the good of our country and for humanity.

Otherwise, it would have been better if we just followed the footsteps of Delo -- a young man who died as a martyr and a hero.


[1] "My Batchmate is a Hero"

[2] Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, "Two Young Men From Mauban", .

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