Thursday, December 4, 2008

Photos, Day 4: Workshop on Cluster Management / SEAIP '08 and PRAGMA, Taichung, Taiwan/ Workshop on Cluster Management Using DRBL

. Lecturer: Dr. Steven Shiau of the National Center for High Performance Computing (NCHC), Taichung, Taiwan
I got a freebie: USB flashdrive

Dr. Steven Shiau of NCHC, Taichung, Taiwan
Note: I received plenty of DUXes (DRBL Tux)

Workshop on Cluster Management
SEAIP 2008/ 4th PRAGMA Institute
National Center for High Performance Computing (NCHC)
Science Park, Taichung, Taiwan

Lecture Notes:

Workshop on Cluster Management
DRBL/ Clonezilla

Steven Shiau, Jass Wang, Ceasar Sun, THomas Tsai
NCH, Taiwan
Q4, 2008

Free Software Lab

Goal: Create a Free Software Smart Classroom (FSSC) based on our HPC experience

DRBL, Clonezilla, DRBL-WinRoll, Tux2Live, PartCloane
Multicast VNC
Acces Grid, eLearning
Cluster Computing
Grid Computing




DRBL Special Features:

Clonezilla Server Edition (SE)

"Bare Metal" Bacup and Restore

cp, tar, rsync

Bare metal = a technique in the field of data recovery and restorationon where the backed up data is available

Clonezilla Features

Free (GPL) software
File systems suported Ext 2/3. ReisersFs, Reiser4, XFS jfs HFS
Linux Logical Volume Manage 2


Developed by Thomas Tsai

Cloezilla Types

Whats New since SEAIP 2007?


supports newer GNU/Linux versions incluidng Ubuntu 8.04/8.10, Fedora 9, Mandriva 2008.1, and OpenSuSe 11.0

Provides AoE booting mechanism in support of diskless MS Windows XP

Clonezilla Live

Easier to create a recovery ISO/zip
Clonezilla Live

Demo 1

Based on gPXE

Running WIndows XP for DRBL Server on Acer Aspire One


Clonezilla Live



A working MS Windos Xp
Save 1st partition as an image on 2nd partition using Clonezilla Live

Restore the image on 2nd partition to 1st partition

Penguin: "My name is Dux (DRBL Tux)"

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Note: I received the following freebies during the workshop: DRBL "penguins" and USB flash drive.


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