Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travel Notes: Taking a Bus from Taipei Main Station to the Airport

Direction Map from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan International Airport.



City to Airport

Bus (客運)

" Kuo-Kuang provides bus services from the Taipei Main Station and the Songshan Domestic Airport (松山機場) to TTIA.

Kuo-Kuang buses that depart from the Taipei Main Station make a brief stop at the neighboring city of Sanchong (三重) before entering the freeway.

The cost is NT$125.

To find the dedicated airport-bound Kuo-Kuang bus terminal among the three separate Kuo-Kuang terminals at the Taipei Main Station, first head to the tallest building at the Taipei Main Station area, which is the Shin-Kong Tower (新光摩天大樓).

At the Shin-Kong Tower, face northwest towards Zhongxiao West Road (忠孝西路) and look for a large sign which says "To Taoyuan Airport."

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