Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Birthday Reflection (2009)


It's my birthday today.

It's time for me to pause and reflect.

Have I done more good things than bad ones?

Have I made positive contributions to society and humankind?

Did I strive for excellence and service?

Did I make other people happy or sad?

Did I contribute to environmental protection or did I contribute to environmental degradation?
Did I contribute to the development of my country and people?

Have I been good to my parents and loved ones?

What are the things that I need to improve?

What are the bad habits that I need take out of my system?

Did I use my talents to improve the lives of other people?

Have I been true to myself and to other people?

Have I been a good servant of God?

Another year... another year older... and hopefully, another year wiser.

I thank all loved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues, and everyone who remember me on this special day.

I pray for humility, honesty, sincerity, faith, hope, and charity.

Bless me Lord.

Raffy Saldaña
11 November 2009


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