Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meeting: Loyola Schools Faculty Day and SOSE Research Symposium

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From. Ms. Marivi Cabason, Assistant to the Dean, School of Science and Engineering:

Please be reminded of the following upcoming activities:

1. LS Second Semester Faculty Day
Friday, Nov. 13, Leong Hall Auditorium


7:30 - Mass

8:00 - Registration

8:30 - Talks by Fr. Ben, Dr. Cuyegkeng, Dr. Tony La Vina, Mrs. Toni Gonzaga (tentative), Mr. Eduardo Calasanz on the environment, climate change, role of teachers and academics in disaster response, and the university response

12:00 - Lunch break

1:30 - Topics on quality assurance, research, library resources, etc.

3:00 - Break out by school

All full-time and part-time faculty are enjoined to attend.

2. SOSE Faculty Research Symposium

Monday, Nov. 16, 4:30 pm, Faura AVR

Updates on research, innovation and directions of the school, and LSR.
All are enjoined to attend. Dinner will be served after the symposium.
Please sign up with your department secretary for the headcount.


Marivi Cabason
Assistant to the Dean
School of Science and Engineering


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