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Automata 2008 (United Kingdom)


Submission of papers: April 5, 2008
Registration ends: May 25, 2008
Conference starts: June 12, 2008

AUTOMATA 2008: Cellular Automata Theory and Applications
June 12-14, 2007
Bristol, United Kingdom


We are inviting you to participate in the international workshop on cellular automata.
The unique workshop will spotlight live topics ofcellular automata theory and applications: theoretical constructs, computational solutions and implementationsof locally-connected regular discrete worlds.

The workshop will bring together work that focuses onadvanced theoretical constructions and genuineimplementations of cellular-automata models, computingdevices and paradigms. The workshop will focus on theoretical and applied aspectsof cellular automata and discrete complex systems research.Topics will include cellular automata as tiling systems,dynamical systems, models of parallelism, computationalmodels, algebraic structures, formal language processors,structural and computational complexity, frameworkfor investigating discrete complex systems, models of phenomena from biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and other fields. All participants are encouraged to submit a paper forpublication in the AUTOMATA-2008 proceedings. All submissionswill be peer-reviewed.


AUTOMATA-2008 is 14th workshop in a series of AUTOMATA workshopsestablished in 1995 by members of the Working Group 1.5 (CellularAutomata and Machines) subordinated to Technical Committee 1(Foundations of Computer Science) of the International Federationfor Information Processing (IFIP). The main goal of AUTOMATA-2008workshops is to maintain a permanent, international and multidisciplinary forum for the collaboration of researchers in the fields of Cellular Automata (CA).


The event will take place in Watershed Media Centre at the heart of Bristol UK Watershed1 Canon's Road,Harbourside,BristolBS1 5TX


The deadline for submission of papers for contributed presentations is 5th April 2008, and the acceptance decisions will be made by 15th April 2008. More information about the submission is available at


Please consult the conference registration page for registration fees and details:


We plan to publish proceedings as a stand-alone volume and distribute to all participants. Extended versions of the selected papers will be published as special issuesof the Journal of Cellular Automata.


Submission of papers: April 5, 2008
Registration ends: May 25, 2008
Conference starts: June 12, 2008

LIST OF INVITED SPEAKERS (to be confirmed)

Leon Chua (Berkeley, USA)
Masami Hagiya (Tokyo, Japan)
Maurice Margenstern (Metz, France)
Nino Boccara (Chicago, USA)
Tomasso Toffoli (Boston, USA)


Andrew Adamatzky (Bristol, UK)
Ramon Alonso-Sanz (Bristol, UK)
Genaro Martinez (Bristol, UK)


Anna Lawniczak (Guelph, Canada)
Kenichi Morita (Hiroshima, Japan)
Thomas Worsch (Karlsruhe, Germany)


Andrew Adamatzky, UK
Ramon Alonso-Sanz, Spain
Stefania Bandini, Italy
Carter Bays, USA
Bastien Chopard, Switzerland
James P. Crutchfield, USA
Enrico Formenti, France
Henryk Fuks, Canada
Andrew Ilachinski, USA
Jarkko Kari, Finland
Martin Kutrib, Germany
Anna Lawniczac, Canada
Norman Magolus, USA
Genaro Martinez, UK
Harold McIntosh, Mexico
Kenichi Morita, Japan,
Katsuhiro Nishinari, Japan
Ken Steiglitz, USA
Tommaso Toffoli, USA
Hiroshi Umeo, Japan
Burton Voorhees, Canada
Jorg R. Weimar, Germany
Thomas Worsch, Germany
Andrew Wuensche, UK

We are looking forward to seeing you in historical Bristol!



andrew.adamatzky @
ramon.alonso @
genaro.martinez @

* * * QUAD PRIZE * * *

The Quad Prize, to be awarded in coordination with the Automata-2008 workshop, wants to encourage filling a gap in our imagination of the simplest models of computation, and will be awarded to the first submission that will either exhibit a computation-universal 2-state cellular automaton on a 2-dimensional, 2x2-neighborhood -- or on the contrary prove that none exist within that class. Short of that, a partial prize may be awarded for a significant partial result.

Please download scientific/technical aspects of the competition


Prof. Andy Adamatzky
University of the West of England

NOTES: I first encountered cellular automata while I was doing my Ph.D. thesis in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia sometime in 1990. Later, I was introduced formally into the wonderful world of cellular automata by Prof. Luis Casasus of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain in 1995. Since then, I have done several work on cellular automata. I participated in an international cellular automata workshop in Yokohama, Japan in 2001 and in the International Conference on Cellular Automata and Its Applications (ACRI 2002) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Rafael P. Saldaña, Ph.D.
Grid and High Performance Computing Group
School of Science and EngineeringAteneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

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