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Celebrator or Celebrant? Happy Birthday Jocelyn, Butch and Carlo (PSHS Alumni Association)

. Photo Caption: Shown in photo are some of the PSHS Alumni Association Board of Directors who were present during its monthly meeting held on 8 7 July 2008 in Kabisera Restaurant, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. From the photo collection of Raffy Saldaña (

Yesterday (7 July 2008) the Philippine Science High School Alumni Association Board of Directors met at Kabisera Restaurant, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City for its monthly Board of Directors meeting.

Thanks to Jocelyn (Sanchez-Mendoza), Butch (Zaldarriaga) and Carlo (Subido) for the wonderful Filipino dinner treat. (Jocelyn, Butch and Carlo are the birthday celebrators for the month of July).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jocelyn, Butch and Carlo! We wish you many happy returns... Goodluck, Good health, and God Bless!

Note: One of the pre-meeting discussions focused (OR focussed) on the difference between a celebrant and a celebrator :) . One English expert in the group pointed out that the proper usage should be "birthday celebrator" and not "birthday celebrant."

Today I searched Google and this is what I found:

"The American Heritage dictionary says: cel·e·brant (sµl“…-br…nt) n. 1. a. A person who participates in a religious ceremony or rite. b. The priest officiating at the celebration of the Eucharist. 2. A participant in a celebration.

USAGE NOTE: Strictly speaking, celebrant should be reserved for an official participant in a religious ceremony or rite. In an earlier survey, however, a majority of the Usage Panel accepted the use of celebrant to mean “a participant in a celebration” (as in New Year's Eve celebrants). In this more general sense, celebrator is an undisputed alternative.

The following PSHS (Pisay) Board Members and Alumni Guests were present at the meeting yesterday (7/7/08):

1. Pio Esguerra (Batch 2003)
2. Joyce Simpas (Batch '92)
3. Raffy Saldaña (Batch '77)
4. Tina Jardiolin (Batch '84)
5. Carlo Subido (Batch '82)
6. Jun Sabug (Batch '69)
7. Jocelyn Sanchez-Mendoza (Batch '78)
8. Susan Warren-Mercado (Batch '78)
9. Jeff Jubilado (Batch '93)
10. Butch Zaldarriaga (Batch '80)
11. Gladys Barrer (Batch '83)
12. Elena Dacanay (Batch '98)
13. Karen P. Jubilado (Batch '93)
14. Jun Bucayan (Batch '80)
Also present was Kris Llavera (PSHS AA office assistant).
The meeting agenda include the following:
1. Updates on the on-going projects:
a. Preparation for the PSHS Alumni Homecoming (c/o Gladys)
b. Pisay Cup (Golf Tournament c/o Carlo)
c. Pisay Concert (c/o Susan)
d. PSHS AA/ NAA merger (c/o Jocelyn and Jun)
e. Gawad Lagablab (c/o Butch)
f. PSHS Career Orientation Day (c/o Raffy)
2. Other Matters
Click on the link below to see more photos of the event:


8 July 2008

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