Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ateneo Science and Engineering Outstanding Student Research Awards and Interlinks 5.0


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The School of Science and Engineering (SOSE) of the Ateneo de Manila University announced today, 26 March 2009, the winners of the SOSE Awards for Outstanding Student Research in a
program held at 2:00 pm in CTC 201.

Twenty undergraduate research papers and 12 papers from graduate students were nominated by their respective departments for the much-awaited annual research awards under 4 categories: Undergraduate - Basic Science and Math, Undergraduate -Applied Science and
Technology, Graduate - Basic Science and Math, and Graduate - Basic Science and Technology.

Eight faculty members from the different departments constituted the Board of Judges. The written papers were first reviewed and rated, and 3 semi-finalists from each category were selected. The Semi-finalists were asked to prepare posters of their research and a
Q&A session was held with the judges last Monday, March 23.

Two finalists were selected from each category, and they were asked to make an oral presentation of their research before the judges and an audience of students and faculty.

Today, March 26, starting at 9 am, thesis papers of graduating students from the SOSE departments were displayed in an event known as "Interlinks 5". This event was held at the MVP Roofdeck until 12 noon. People from industry were invited to view the posters and ask questions from the students about their research. In the past, the Interlinks has resulted in fruitful research colllaborations with industry partners, as well as employment
of some of our students after graduation.


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