Sunday, March 29, 2009

More About Musica Chiesa (Jesuit Chamber Music)


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Here are more notes about "Musica Chiesa":

  • MUSICA CHIESA is Italian for "Church Music".

  • The Ensemble began their ministry at the Church of the Holy Sacrifice, University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

  • Since then, Musica Chiesa anchored UP 's Catholic Students Community in prayer concerts.

  • Their passion for their craft, the fire of faith, and the fidelity of friends strengthen their commitment to enkindle other fires through beautiful and uplifting music.

  • With burning hearts, they are convinced that with the grace of the God of Song, they can renew church communities whether in worship or personal prayer.

  • This year, the Philippine Jesuits celebrate 150 years since their return to the Philippines in 1859. Musica Chiesa joins this Jubilee celebration through this debut album, hoping that you will be inspired to deeper prayers and appreciation of the gift of life and mission.

- Text from the album, Musica Chiesa (Jesuit Chamber Music)

The members of the Jesuit Chamber Music are as follows:

  1. Silke Hipolito (Violin)

  2. Jose Carlo Tuazon (Violin)

  3. Charisse Toledo (Violin)

  4. Kriselda Dionisio (Keyboard)

  5. Twinkle Hipolito (Violin)

  6. Nico Hipolito (Guitar)

  7. Marian San Miguel (Viola)

  8. Criselda Peren (Violin)

  9. Edrich Tuazon (Cello)

  10. Kevin San Agustin (Guitar)

  11. Michael Dominic Bulaong (Keyboard)

  12. Aris Tuazon (Flute)


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Augusto said...

bakit, pinalayas ba ang mga Hesuita galing dito sa Pinas?? Baka dahil sa mga pamomolitika nila since their Counter-Reformation movement started!!! Known fact yan in church history eh!!!