Thursday, March 19, 2009

Congratulations, Ateneo S.W.E.E.P. teams and Engr. Rod Michael Coronel


Engr. Rod Michael Coronel of the ECCE Department, Ateneo de Manila University

Members of the Ateneo Grid and High Performance Computing Group (A-GRID) during a meeting at Cravings, Katipunan, Quezon City on March 19, 2009. (Left to Right): Dr. Rafael Saldaña (A-GRID Coordinator), Engr. Roy Bayot, Kevin Cristobal, and Engr. Rod Michael Coronel (cluster systems administrator).

(Note: I am an affiliated faculty of the Electronics, Communications, and Computer Engineering Department (ECCE) of Ateneo de Manila University. Recently, our engineering students won major awards in the SMART Wireless Engineering and Education (SWEEP) Awards. My co-faculty, Engr. Rod Michael Coronel who is a member of the Ateneo Grid and High Performance Computing Group (A-GRID) and system administrator of our MEDGRID and AGILA computer clusters is the adviser of one of the winning teams. CONGRATULATIONS, ROD and the ATENEO winning teams !)

From the Ateneo Blueboard:

Ateneo teams bag 1st and 3rd places in 5th SWEEP Awards

Two Ateneo teams emerged as winners in the recently concluded Smart
Wireless Engineering and Education Program (SWEEP) Innovation and
Excellence Awards held last March 12-14, 2009 at SM Megamall Megatrade
Hall 2.

The Smart PasaGoods team, composed of Carlos Miguel
Lacson(5-BS ECE), Aldrin Khan(5-BS ECE), Marc Ericson Santos(5-BS ECE)
and Marty Peterson Tan(5-BS ECE) and mentored by Mr. Ronell Sicat(ECCE
faculty), bested all ten finalists. Smart PasaGoods is a system for
gathering relief goods through the use of social networking, Smart SMS
and Smart Money transfer. It allows advanced collection, easy donation
transactions and donation monitoring.

Receiving second runner up is Smart Iwas Baha, a system which allows
subscribers to get flood information on public roads through SMS or
MMS. Data is collected from actively participating community members
and is archived for analysis and other applications. The system was
developed by Paulo Olayres(5-BS ECE), Dale Derrick Dy,(5-BS ECE) Grace
Benedicto(5-BS ECE) and mentor, Engr. Rod Michael Coronel(ECCE

The winning teams received 500,000 and 150,000 respectively. Aside
from the cash prizes, the school will also receive the same amount in
the form of a grant from Smart Communications.

Smart SIGHT and Smart SWAVE, two other teams from Ateneo, were also
among the ten finalists. Smart SIGHT is a forecasting system that
notifies its subscribers of a disastrous condition due to a typhoon
using Smart's BTS combined with a sensor suite based on the radiosonde
technology. The team is composed of Luis Antonio Aguja(5-BS ECE),
Stephanie Tan(5-BS ECE) and Mark Baldwin Martinez(5-BS ECE) and
mentored by Engr. Jimson Ngeo(ECCE faculty). On the other hand, Smart
SWAVE is an accelerometer-based weather forecast system designed to
monitor wave levels and determine if vessels can pass through certain
areas in the ocean. The system can also serve as a tsunami detector.
The team is composed of Daniel Lagazo(5-BS CoE), Jeuz Ser Aragon(5-BS
CoE) and Zyra Landrito(5-BS ECE) and mentored by Mr. Ronell Sicat(ECCE

All projects were supported by the SWEEP laboratory under the
supervision of Engr. Ma. Leonora Guico and the Electronics,
Communications and Computer Engineering Department.

Ateneo de Davao won first runner up and received 300,000. Bulacan
State University, Systems Plus College and the University of San
Carlos (Cebu) also had teams among the ten finalists. Non-winners
received 30,000 pesos as consolation prizes.


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