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PCSC 2008: List of Accepted Contributed Papers

8th Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC 2008)
Organized by the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP)
February 23 - 24, 2008
University of the Philippines - Diliman
Telephones: (02) 4266125, (02) 7090907
Mobile: 0928-5043121


After a peer-review process, the following contributed papers are deemed ACCEPTED by the PCSC 2008 Scientific Program Committee for oral presentation in PCSC 2008 and for publication in the Proceedings of the 8th Philippine Computing Science Congress (subject to submission of camera-ready papers and registration payment):

List of ACCEPTED contributed papers:

1. Characteristics and Collection of Information from Heterogeneous Multimedia Sources with User's Parameter for Decision Support. Author: Robert Charles, LORIA Campus Scientifique, France

2. University Class Timetabling Simulation by Discrete Multi-valued Particle Swarm Optimization. Author: Kei Wai Cecilia Hung, Ateneo de Manila University

3. A Pi-Calculus Model of the CD95 Receptor Medicated Pathway of Apoptosis. Author: Jan Michael Yap, University of the Philippines-Diliman

4. Design and Implementation of a Vision-Based Hand Mimicking System. Authors: Joel Ilao, Eugene Angelo Fabian, Ivan Or, Lutherford Sosuan, and Glenn Uy -- De La Salle University

5. Sonar Beamforming Authors: Clement Ong, Bernice Ceara Go, Marc Jason Keng, and John Paul Yao -- De La Salle University

6. Characterization of Hand Glove Data for Letter Sign Language Translations. Authors: Veronica Aguilos, Clinton Jacob Mariano, Erika Bianca Mendoza, John Peter Orense, and Clement Ong -- De La Salle University

7. A Computational Study on Oil Spill Dynamics Using Cellular Automata. Authors: Patricia Ann Lorenzo, Rhena Lelleen Plagata, Paolo Nicolo Santos, William Emmanuel Yu, Rafael Saldaña -- Ateneo de Manila University

8. Improving Spam Detection Using Text Mining and Various Predictive Statistical Classification Methods. Author: Ariel Maguyon, Ateneo de Manila University

9. Serial and Parallel Implementation of Benford's Law for Fraud Detection. Authors: Ma. Daphne Regina Toledo, Jonalyn Valencia, William Emmanuel Yu, and Felix Muga II -- Ateneo de Manila University

10. Towards XML, Template-Based GUI Code Generation for Mobile Applications. Authors: Maria Donna Enriquez, Alfred Timothy Lotho, and Jeffrey Jongko -- Ateneo de Manila University

11. Landslide Dynamics in the Philippines: A Computational Study Using Cellular Automata and the Minimization Algorithm. Authors: Timothy James Yusun and Rafael Saldaña, Ateneo de Manila University

12. Competitive Online Scheduling with Fixed Number of Queues. Authors: Richard Bryann Chua (University of the Philippines -Manila) and Jaime Caro (University of the Philippines- Diliman)

13. Epsilon: Information Security Laboratory using Virtualization Technology. Authors: Alexis Pantola, Miguel Alberto Gomez, and Solomon Wong -- De La Salle University

14. Automated Behavior Analysis of Organisms Using Computer Vision. Authors: Jeremiah Pascual and Vladimir Mariano, University of the Philippines-Los Baños

15. ESP (Expert System for Poisoning): A Clinical Decision Support System for the Diagnosis and Management of Poisoning. Authors: Diana Bandojo, Ma. Jaymee Krisette Gatapia, Reggie Nicolo Santos, Riza Theresa Batista, and Prospero Naval -- University of the Philippines-Diliman; and Alvin Marcelo, University of the Philippines-Manila

16. Hypercube Peer-to-Peer for Resource Location on WiMax. Author: Rhia Trogo, De La Salle Univesity

17. Applying Latent Semantic Analysis to Classifying Relevance of Forum Messages Using Small-Sized Corpora. Authors: Rodolfo Raga (Jose Rizal University) and Raymund Sison (De La Salle University)

18. Identifying At-Risk Novice Java Programmers Through the Analysis of Online Protocols. Authors: Emily Tabanao and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo, Ateneo de Manila University; and Matthew Jadud, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, USA

19. Extending Shape-based Similarity Measures for 3DModels. Authors: Conrado Ruiz, Jr. and Rafael Cabredo, De La Salle University; Levi Jones Monteverde, Citibank Intl Technology Organization (Singapore); and Huang Zhiyong, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R),A*(STAR), Singapore

20. Grain Classification and Grading Based on Fourier Descriptor. Authors: Faye Moncada and Vladimir Mariano, Universityof the Philippines-Los Baños

21. An Adaptive Compression Technique. Authors: Jose Ronello Bartolome, Nonoy Go, Nathaniel Aaron, Mary Ann Ngo, and Dan Adrian Nelson Pamparo --De La Salle University

22. Design and Engineering of a Supply Chain Management System for Drug Delivery Applications. Authors: Allan Espinosa, Nathaniel Libatique, and Gregory Tangonan -- Ateneo de Manila University

23. A Multi-Feature Approach to Smoke Detection. Authors: Maria Charmaine Templado and Vladimir Mariano, University of the Philippines-Los Baños

24. Modeling FLASH Participation in CD95-mediated Apoptosis Using Pi-Calculus. Authors: Stephanie Catabul, Elaine Joy Coloma, and Irene Celeste Dare -- University of the Philippines-Diliman

25. Design and Use of an Open Individual and Group Student Model for Learning Object-Oriented Design Using UML. Authors: Miguel Paolo Arellano, Beatriz Tabunar, Reselyn Ann Tan, Enrico Alejandro Tuason, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez -- De La Salle University

26. Using Simulation to Update Poverty Maps. Author: Rigan Ap-apid, De La Salle University

27. Building and Benchmarking a New Beowulf Cluster for Grid Computing and Other Applications. Authors: Allan Espinosa and Rafael Saldaña, Ateneo de Manila University

28. Schutzenberger's Guessing Game on a Kolakoski Finite Subsequence. Authors: Marlo de Guzman, Joseph Pasia, and Henry Adorna -- University of the Philippines-Diliman

29. On Unambigous Nondeterministic Finite Automata and the Strict Tree Property. Authors: Henry Adorna, Nestine Hope Hernandez, and Rex David Lorenzo -- University of the Philippines-Diliman


a. Authors/Presentors of (conditionally) accepted papers are advised to contact Dr. Rafael Saldaña, PCSC2008 Program Chair, E-mail:, Mobile: 0928-5043121, Telephones: (02) 42661215 and(02) 7090907 for further details.

b. The deadline for submission of camera-ready papers is on February 8, 2008.

c. To be accepted for oral presentation and for publication in the Proceedings of the 8th Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC 2008), each paper should be pre-registered (including payment of registration fee for at least one author) on or before February 16, 2008.


Dr. Rafael P. Saldaña
Chair, Program Committee, PCSC 2008
January 26, 2008

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