Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PCSC 2008: Dr. Allan Sioson

PCSC 2008
8th Philippine Computing Science Congress
23 - 24 February 2008
University of the Philippines-Diliman,
Quezon City, Philippines
Organized by: Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP)
Tel. +63 2 7090907, +63 2 4266125
E-mail: computingsoc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.csp.org.ph


Developing Creative Algorithmic Solutions in Bioinformatics

Allan A. Sioson, Ph.D.
Computer Science Department
Ateneo de Naga University
Ateneo Avenue, Naga City


Computational problems in Bioinformatics research often involve large amount of data. In some cases data may be incomplete while large in terms of quantity. Hence, creativity is key when developing solutions to Bioinformatics problems. Such problems require development of algorithms and appropriate data structures to enable fast retrieval and storage of usually large bioinformatics data. This paper intends to elaborate on this theme through discussions of creative solutions to speci c bioinformatics problems involving fast counting, clustering, and simulation.

Keywords: Algorithms, Bioinformatics

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