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PCSC 2008: Program of Activities

8th Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC 2008)
23 -24 February 2008

University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Organized by the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP)

Website: http://www.csp.org.ph


Day 1. February 23, 2008.

Morning Sessions to be held at the U.P. NISMED Auditorium

Time / Activity
0800 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 0930 Opening Session

Moderator/Emcee: Dr. Henry Adorna, Board Secretary, CSP

National Anthem

Welcome Remarks
Dr. Jaime Caro, President, Computing Society of the Philippines

Conference Orientation and Introduction of Participating Schools/Organizations
Dr. Caslon Chua, Over-All Chair, PCSC 2008

Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Dr. Rafael Saldana, Chair, PCSC 2008 Program Committee

0930 - 1030 Keynote (Dr. Eliezer Albacea)

1030 - 1050 Break

1050 - 1125 Invited 1 (Dr. Eduardo Mendoza)

1125 – 1200 Invited 2 (Dr. Prospero Naval, Jr.)

1200 - 1230 Lunch

Afternoon Sessions to be held in the Computer Science Building

Room A: Parallel Session A
Room B: Parallel Session B
Room C: Parallel Session C

1330 - 1400

A: Invited 3 (Dr. Felix Muga II)
B: Invited 5 (Dr. Arnulfo Azcarraga)
C: Invited 7 (Dr. Caslon Chua)

1400 - 1430

A: Invited 4 (Dr. Allan Sioson)
B: Invited 6 (Dr. Gregg Gabison)
C: Invited 8 (Dr. Elmer Maravillas)

1430 - 1450

A: A1 (20)
B: B1 (16)
C: C1 (18)

1450 - 1510

A: A2 (23)
B: SP1
C: C2 (25)

1510 - 1530 Break

Room A: Parallel Session D (Computational Science)
Room B: Parallel Session E (Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Databases)
Room C: Parallel Session F (Computer Engineering and Hardware Systems)

1530 – 1550
A: D1 (27)
B: E1 (1)
C: F6 (5)

1550 – 1610

A: D2 (26)
B: E2 (8)
C: F7 (6)

1610 – 1630

A: D3 (7)
B: E3 (19)
C: F8 (4)

1630 – 1650

A: D4 (9)
B: E4 (13)
C: F9 (21)

1650 - 1710

A: D5 (11)
B: E5 (17)
C: F10 (14)

1710 – 1730 Break

Note: Conference Dinner will be held in the lobby of the U.P. Computer Science Building.

1730 – 1930 Conference Dinner/
CSP Business Meeting

Day 2. February 24, 2008. Computer Science Building.

Rm. A. Parallel Session G (Theoretical Computer Science)

Rm. B. Parallel Session H (Biomedical Applications)

Rm. C. Parallel Session I (Mobile Applications and Other Topics)

0830 - 0900 Registration

0900 – 0920

A: G1 (12)
B: H1 (3)
C: M1 (10)

0920 – 0940

A: G2 (24)
B: H2 (15)
C: M2 (19)

0940 – 1000

A: G3 (28)
B: H3 (22)
C: SP 3

1000 – 1020

A: G4 (29)
B: SP2
C: SP 4

1020 – 1050 Break

1050 – 1125

Room A: Invited 9 (Dr. Henry Adorna)

Room B: Invited 11(Dr. Baltazar Aguda)

1125 – 1200

Room A: Invited 10 (Dr. Jaime Caro)
Room B: Invited 12 (Dr. Rafael Saldaña)

1200 - 1300 Closing/Lunch

Keynote Speaker:

KP1. Dr. Eliezer Albacea, Professor, University of the Philippines - Los Baños

Title: “An Almost Optimal Sorting Algorithm”

Invited Speakers:

IP01. Dr. Caslon Chua, Dean, College of Computer Studies, De La Salle University
Title: "3-D Model Graph Derivation for Path Traversal"

IP02 Dr. Prospero Naval – Associate Professor, University of the Philippines- Diliman

Title: "Training Neural Networks with Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization"

IP03. Dr. Eduardo Mendoza, Research Scientist, Ludwig-Maxillians University (Munich, Germany) / Adjunct Professor, University of the Philippines - Diliman

TItle: "Systems Biology of Viral Infection"

IP04. Dr. Allan Sioson, Dean, College of Computer Studies, Ateneo de Naga University

IP05. Dr. Felix Muga II, Associate Professor, Ateneo de Manila University

Title: "Revisiting the Collatz Conjecture"

IP06. Dr. Arnulfo Azcarraga, Dean, De La Salle Canlubang

Title: "Self-Organizing Maps as Underlying Structure for Digital Music Archives"

IP07. Dr. Gregg Victor Gabison, Dean, College of Information Technology and Computer Studies, University of San Jose Recoletos (Cebu City)

Title: "Evaluation of XML Schema Clustering (Information Integration) Techniques"

IP08. Dr. Elmer Maravillas, Professor, Cebu Institute of Technology

Title: "Expert System’s Evaluation of Student Learning Performance"

IP09. Dr. Henry Adorna, Associate Professor, U.P. Diliman

Title: "On Languages , Sequences and Automata"

IP10. Dr. Jaime Caro, Assistant Vice-President for Development, University of the Philippines- Diliman

Title: "Permutation Routing and Gossiping on the Graph G(n, k) of the Johnson Scheme"

IP11. Dr. Baltazar Aguda, Ohio State University, U.S.A.

Title: "Amazing Biomolecular Computations"

IP12. Dr. Rafael Saldaña, Associate Professor, Ateneo de Manila University

Title: "Development of a Web-Based Query and Retrieval System of Digital Mammograms from Multiple Remote Sources"

List of Contributed Papers:

E1 - 1. Characteristics and Collection of Information from Heterogeneous Multimedia Sources with User's Parameter for Decision Support. Author: Robert Charles, LORIA Campus Scientifique, France

H1 - 3. A Pi-Calculus Model of the CD95 Receptor Medicated Pathway of Apoptosis. Author: Jan Michael Yap, University of the Philippines-Diliman

F8 - 4. Design and Implementation of a Vision-Based Hand Mimicking System. Authors: Joel Ilao, Eugene Angelo Fabian, Ivan Or, Lutherford Sosuan, and Glenn Uy – De La Salle University

F6 - 5. Sonar Beamforming. Authors: Clement Ong, Bernice Ceara Go, Marc Jason Keng, and John Paul Yao -- De La Salle University

F7 - 6. Characterization of Hand Glove Data for Letter Sign Language Translations. Authors: Veronica Aguilos, Clinton Jacob Mariano, Erika Bianca Mendoza, John
Peter Orense, and Clement Ong -- De La Salle University

D3 - 7. A Computational Study on the Guimaras Oil Spill Dynamics Using
Cellular Automata, Watershed Transform, and Parallel Computing. Authors: Patricia Ann Lorenzo, Rhena Lelleen Plagata, Paolo Nicolo Santos, William
Emmanuel Yu, and Rafael Saldaña -- Ateneo de Manila University

E2 - 8. Improving Spam Detection Using Text Mining and Various Predictive Statistical Classification Methods. Author: Ariel Maguyon, Ateneo de Manila University

D4 - 9. Serial and Parallel Implementation of Benford's Law for Fraud Detection. Authors: Ma. Daphne Regina Toledo, Jonalyn Valencia, William Emmanuel Yu, and
Felix Muga II -- Ateneo de Manila University

M1 -10. Towards XML, Template-Based GUI Code Generation
for Mobile Applications. Authors: Maria Donna Enriquez, Alfred Timothy Lotho, and Jeffrey Jongko -- Ateneo de Manila University

D5 - 11. Philippine Landslide Dyanmics: A Computational Study Using Cellular Automata and the Minimization Algorithm. Authors: Timothy James Yusun and Rafael Saldaña, Ateneo de Manila University

G1 - 12. Competitive Online Scheduling with Fixed Number of Queues. Authors: Richard Bryann Chua (University of the Philippines -Manila) and Jaime Caro (University of the Philippines- Diliman)

E4 - 13. Epsilon: Information Security Laboratory using Virtualization Technology. Authors: Alexis Pantola, Miguel Alberto Gomez, and Solomon Wong -- De La Salle

F10 - 14. Automated Behavior Analysis of Organisms Using Computer Vision. Authors: Jeremiah Pascual and Vladimir Mariano, University of the Philippines-Los Baños

H2 - 15. ESP (Expert System for Poisoning): A Clinical Decision Support System for the Diagnosis and Management of Poisoning. Authors: Diana Bandojo, Ma. Jaymee Krisette Gatapia, Reggie Nicolo Santos, Riza Theresa Batista, and Prospero Naval -- University of the Philippines-Diliman; and Alvin Marcelo, University
of the Philippines-Manila

B1 - 16. Hypercube Peer-to-Peer for Resource Location on WiMax. Author: Rhia Trogo, De La Salle Univesity

E5 - 17. Applying Latent Semantic Analysis to Classifying Relevance of Forum Messages Using Small-Sized Corpora. Authors: Rodolfo Raga (Jose Rizal University) and Raymund Sison (De La Salle University)

C1 - 18. Identifying At-Risk Novice Java Programmers Through the Analysis of Online Protocols. Authors: Emily Tabanao and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo, Ateneo de
Manila University; and Matthew Jadud, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, USA

M2 - 19. Extending Shape-based Similarity Measures for 3D Models. Authors: Conrado Ruiz, Jr. and Rafael Cabredo, De La Salle University; Levi Jones
Monteverde, Citibank Intl Technology Organization (Singapore); and Huang Zhiyong, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R),A*(STAR), Singapore

A1 - 20. Grain Classification and Grading Based on Fourier Descriptor. Authors: Faye Moncada and Vladimir Mariano, University of the Philippines-Los Baños

F9 - 21. An Adaptive Compression Technique. Authors: Jose Ronello Bartolome, Nonoy Go, Nathaniel Aaron, Mary Ann Ngo, and Dan Adrian Nelson Pamparo --De La Salle

H3 - 22. Design and Engineering of a Supply Chain Management System for Drug Delivery Applications. Authors: Allan Espinosa, Nathaniel Libatique, and Gregory Tangonan -- Ateneo de Manila University

A2 -23. A Multi-Feature Approach to Smoke Detection. Authors: Maria Charmaine Templado and Vladimir Mariano, University of the Philippines-Los Baños

G2 - 24. Modeling FLASH Participation in CD95-mediated Apoptosis Using Pi-Calculus. Authors: Stephanie Catabul, Elaine Joy Coloma, and Irene Celeste Dare -- University of the Philippines-Diliman

C2 - 25. Design and Use of an Open Individual and Group Student Model for Learning Object-Oriented Design Using UML. Authors: Miguel Paolo Arellano, Beatriz
Tabunar, Reselyn Ann Tan, Enrico Alejandro Tuason, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez -- De La Salle University

D2 - 26. Using Simulation to Update Poverty Maps. Author: Rigan Ap-apid, De La Salle University

D1 - 27. Building and Benchmarking a New Beowulf Cluster for Grid Computing and Other Applications. Authors: Allan Espinosa and Rafael Saldaña, Ateneo de Manila

G3 - 28. Schutzenberger's Guessing Game on a Kolakoski Finite Subsequence. Authors: Marlo de Guzman, Joseph Pasia, and Henry Adorna -- University of the

G4 - 29. On Unambigous Nondeterministic Finite Automata and the Strict Tree Property. Authors: Henry Adorna, Nestine Hope Hernandez, and Rex David Lorenzo -- University of the Philippines-Diliman

Special Paper Presentations






Note: TBA = To Be Announced

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For inquiries, contact:

Dr. Rafael P. Saldaña
Chair, Program Committee
PCSC 2008
Tel. +63 2 4266125, +63 2 7090907
Mobile: 0928-5043121
E-mail: raffysaldana@gmail.com

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