Thursday, February 7, 2008

'Pisay' and Dr. Cleofe Bacungan

Great News!

'PISAY' (the movie) won two awards in the 14th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema (in France): The Grand Prix du Jury (Grand Prize of the International Jury) and the Prix du Public (Audience Prize).


From: "Philippine Science High School Foundation,Inc."
Sent: Monday, February 4, 2008 1:34:01 PM
Subject: PISAY Movie

My dear Alumni,

I have just watched the film Pisay. Auraeus graciously brought a copy for me to watch in comfort, on my wheelchair, in my home. As some of you know, I just turned 87, and have been feeling age related aches and pains for quite some time now.

I loved the movie – I think it was very nicely made. Although, as I told Auraeus, he should also have shown scenes of your PE classes and the obstacle course our cadets have to go through. It would have shown the world that we at the PSHS try to give our students a holistic education, skewed as it is towards Math andScience.

I have been told that the movie will have its theater run at selected SM theaters come February 20 – 27. I appeal to you to support the movie – bring your friends and family, spread the word! Let us show to our fellow Filipinos the stuff PSHS alumni are made of – you all do good work, be it in the arts, or in math or in science, wherever the paths you have chosen to take.

The movie is good, proudly“Pisay”! Let it inspire our youth towards excellence. For those who are old like me, it brings back memories of those times. You know, I still feel pain whenever I remember those students who moved on in their youth, be it because of their beliefs, due to illness or due to unfortunate accidents. On the other hand, It warms my heart when I get to learn of your accomplishments, all the good things my alumni are doing. I know I should say PSHS alumni –but allow me, PSHS was and continues to be, my life.

In these, my twilight years, it is my dream and I pray that the PSHS becomes not only the premier highschool in the Philippines, but a premier high school in the world.

My dear alumni, I ask you – let mydream be a reality. Yes, all those steps you have taken, the recent Dr.Bacuñgan Natatanging Guro Endowment Fund, the varied Batch gifts to the school, your donations to thefoundation, are all toward realization of that dream and make me truly happy. Thank you.

Of course – Iwould like you, the best and the brightest youth then, to give more, a lot more, to help the best and thebrightest youth now. Do show your support for Pisay, not just in support of Auraeus.

It is co-produced by the Foundation, so a hit, an SRO audience, will go a long way towards helping the Foundation achieve its Vision of “AScience High School of global standards that nurturesthe country’s best and brightest to reach their fullpotential”.

Thank you.

Dr. Cleofe M. Bacuñgan
Former President, PSHSFI
Former Director, PSHS

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