Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Reader's Comment on the Traffic Problem in Katipunan

: Today I received another comment from one of the readers of my blog (using the name "Stan"). I decided to publish his comments verbatim:



I read with interest your/others’ comment on Katipunan traffic. I would like to add a few of my own.

(1) the former u-turn slot underneath the NBS footbridge is inherently dangerous esp for motorists going north via the flyover; and must be permanently closed IMHO. Several unsuspecting souls have already hit the concrete barriers. Good thing nobody has been killed yet.

(2) I together with many others believe the major cause of traffic jams in Katipunan is the Ateneo community. If Ateneo goes on vacation (e.g. on a religious holiday), Katipunan becomes a virtual speedway.

(3) Within the Ateneo community, the grade school contributes highest to the “traffic footprint”; more than college and high school combined. A grade school holiday means a decongested Katipunan (even if the college and high school have classes). I would blame GS parents/yayas/drivers for this as many park in no parking zones esp during “sundo” time allowing only a single lane for passage.

This practice lengthens the queue of cars entering Ateneo thus worsening the mess along Katipunan.

If the community prefers to use their cars, then they must learn to live with the daily jams.

And, isn't it about time for Ateneans to learn to use public transpo and/or their legs.


Note: STAN did not identify himself (practically, he is anonymous). Could he be someone from MMDA? Just wondering ...



Ambo said...


Stan has a point worth taking: Grade School is really one of the big causes of Katipunan congestion. But he forgot to mention that during Ateneo holidays, when Miriam has classes, the traffic congestion shifts to Miriam College, and so both Ateneo Grade School and Miriam College/Grade School contribute to Katipunan congestion.

I have an interesting solution to our Grade School Problem: Transfer our Grade School to the Ateneo High School Complex. (The Grade School Buildings can be used by other units of the University, like the Law School and Graduate School of Business). If we do this, then the heavy traffic of Grade School sundo will be concentrated on the long stretch of road from Gate 3 entrance all the way to High School and then wind all the way back to Gate 3.5 exit. Crazy idea, but may actually work!

Pablo Manalastas

Bing Polistico-Villarante said...
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