Thursday, August 14, 2008

MMDA: Tricycles No Longer Allowed in Katipunan

From the Ateneo Blueboard:

(Thursday, 14 August 2008)



1. MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) personnel informed tricycle drivers and operators this morning that tricycles will not be allowed along Katipunan starting tomorrow, Friday 15 August 2008. This was confirmed by MR. ALEX A. BAAY, President of the Loyola Pansol Tricycle Operators and Drivers Assoc. (TODA) and Mr. ROMEO C. MORALES, President of Loyola Heights TODA.

2. Katipunan is part of C5, a major thoroughfare, and tricycles are not allowed on major thoroughfares.

3. Some LPTODA (Green) and LHTODA (White) tricycles will try to enter the campus very early tomorrow morning and provide tricycle services on campus.

4. Tricycle terminals will be allowed near Gate 2.5 footbridge and at Gate 3.5 footbridge.

5. Tricycle-riding members of the community may encounter problems going to school and offices tomorrow.


1. Campus security has learned from an unofficial source that MMDA will extend the concrete barriers separating northbound vehicles coming from the flyover and the service road till past Gate 2.

2. This means that only northbound vehicles using the service road will be able to enter Gate1 and Gate 2.

3. Northbound vehicles coming from the flyover will have to enter Ateneo via Gate 3.

From the University Plant Office
Ateneo de Manila University

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