Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Was a Victim of the MMDA 'Traffic Experiment'


Note: This morning (5 August 2008) I left my condominium unit at 11:00 a.m. My first class on a Tuesday schedule is at 12:00 noon. Normally, it takes me only 10 minutes (by car) to go from my place to my class in Ateneo de Manila University. But today, it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes before I reached my class.

I blame the Metro Manila Development Authority (MDDA) officials for their irresponsible action. Much time, energy and resources could have been saved had the MMDA made proper warning and notices before they implemented their "traffic experiment."

I would like to call the attention of Mr. Bayani Fernando, MMDA Chairman, to look into this matter. Mr. Fernando has no business running for President of the Philippines if his agency, the MMDA, continue to have no regard for motorists and ordinary citizens like me.

A victim of MMDA traffic mismanagement

From the Ateneo Blueboard:

Traffic Bulletin 05 August 2008

MMDA implemented changes in the traffic flow on Katipunan without notice at 10:55 this morning. This caused heavy traffic along Katipunan and on campus. Changes implemented by MMDA were:

  1. Closed U-turn 1 (in front of National Bookstore) and U-turn 2 (between Ateneo’s Gate 3.5 and Miriam College’s Gate 1).
  2. Relocated U-turn 1 to the U-turn under flyover.
  3. Relocated U-turn 2 to the corner of Katipunan and B. Gonzales Street.

U-turn 1 being closed by MMDA. Vehicles must now take U-turn under the flyover

Original U-turn 2 blocked with orange barrier and new U-turn at the corner of Katipunan and B. Gonzales with concrete barriers
According to an unofficial MMDA source, this new scheme is experimental. In the meantime, the community is advised to note this new traffic scheme in Katipunan.

Ateneo motorists are requested to refrain from making a U-turn immediately after Gate 3.5 during rush hour. Moving towards the U-turn slot from Gate 3.5 would cut across the path of northbound vehicles and risk being hit by a speeding vehicle and also blocking vehicles entering Miriam College’s Gate 1.

Traffic may be heavier than usual at Gate 2 tomorrow morning as motorists adjust to the new traffic scheme. It is advisable to come earlier than usual.


Mrs. G said...

Traffic is so bad! My friend now goes up the fly-over and makes a U-turn in Santolan. According to her, its faster.

Rafael P. Saldaña, Ph.D. said...

Thanks Mrs. G... Yes, I also do that (going all the way to Katipunan-Santolan just to make a u-turn and head back towards Ateneo) to avoid the clogging under the Katipunan flyover. Pero sa mahal ng gasolina ngayon, malaking parusa ito (But because gasoline is very expensive nowadays this is a big punishment to motorists like me).


Bing Polistico-Villarante said...

Hi Raffy. I'm a mom with two kids who are studying in Miriam and MI. I bring my younger child to and from school while my daughter takes the school bus. I pass by Katipunan twice a day, everyday during peak hours. You can just imagine the hell that I'm going through because of this new traffic scheme. Traffic in Katipunan has gone from bad to worse! What used to be a 15-min trip from White Plains to Katipunan now takes an hour. Longer when it's southbound.

Not only are my children late in school, my gas consumption has also increased significantly! Yesterday at 7 am, my daughter's school bus was still at the Katipunan flyover so she and her busmates had to walk all the way from the flyover to Miriam so as no to be late for their exams. These are grade school students and I was really fuming mad when I heard that from my daughter. Let me put this on record that if anything happens to my daughter just because she has to walk to school to avoid being late, I will hold Bayani Fernando and his cohorts responsible.

I tried calling the offices of Mr. Fernando and Mr. Vergel de Dios yesterday but they were in eternal meetings. I suggest that they hold their meetings right in the middle of Katipunan instead of their airconditioned offices paid by taxpayers' money to see the real problem. And nobody in MMDA is man enough to admit that they made a stupid mistake in Katipunan. The problem is plain and simple - the two-lane road infront of McDonald's cannot take the volume of traffic in Katipunan during peak hours. No amount of road widening under the flyover will solve this problem if they don't address this bottleneck. And these are ideas of so-called engineers? I think they are a bunch of id**ts.

That MMDA is implementing this scheme in the guise of national interest is pure nonsense. I DARE MR. FERNANDO, MR. DE DIOS, MR. NACENCIANO AND MR. ESQUIVEL TO DRIVE THROUGH KATIPUNAN TWICE A DAY, EVERY DAY DURING PEAK HOURS AND TELL ME THAT THE HELL I'M GOING THROUGH IS FOR MY INTEREST. I doubt if they have the balls to do it but if they do, they know my number. I am even willing to drive them just to get my point across.

Raffy, I don't think I can last another day being silent about the severe inconvenience that MMDA has brought upon us. If other inconvenienced and irritated motorists will come up with something to oppose this new traffic scheme, I am willing to offer my time and services.

If you want to be heard, text Mr. Fernando at 0920-9472116. This is the number posted in MMDA's website. Alternatively, you may call Mr. Fernando's office at 8820854 and Mr. De Dios' office at 8822638. No, you won't be able to talk to them (based on my experience) but if we keep the phone ringing all the time, this will put their respective staff on their toes and hopefully, apply pressure on MMDA's honchos.