Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katipunan Traffic: 2nd Day of Documentation (15 Aug 2008)

Photo Caption: Traffic congestion in the corner of Katipunan Ave. and Xavierville Ave., 6:45 a.m., 15 August 2008. (Photo by Raffy Saldaña ,


1. The two-way two-lane Xavierville Avenue is turned into a one-way road by undisciplined overtaking drivers during the morning rush hour traffic. Recommendation: MMDA traffic personnel should be assigned in this area during traffic peak hours to ease the traffic congestion.

2. The morning rush hour started earlier on 15 August 2008 compared to the previous day. Although the clogging in the bottom portion of the Katipunan-Aurora flyover (towards North) has eased, the congestion was shifted to the the Katipunan service roads (on both sides) and under the Katipunan-Aurora flyover affecting mainly motorists going into the Ateneo Grade School Campus through Gates 1 and 2... R. Saldaña.

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