Thursday, August 21, 2008

BSPT Batch D: Reunion with Tess and Friends

Note: Tess Gagui-Ichinose (my college classmate and friend, NSDB-PNC BSPT Batch D at the Phillippine Normal College) and her family who are based in Tokyo, Japan were in town recently. Last Tuesday, 19 August 2008, we visited Tess in her condominium unit in Alabang. Tess recently celebrated her birthday. Aside from Tess, those in the photo are Morey, Ronald, Cora, myself, and Chloe (Cora's daughter who is also my inaanak or godchild).

Below are some photos taken during Tess's post-birthday celebration in Alabang. Note: A Filipino birthday celebration is incomplete without the 'pancit' (Filipino-Chinese pasta). The 'pancit' is for 'long life'.


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