Friday, August 8, 2008

More Traffic Woes in Katipunan


Photo captions: The worsening traffic condition in Katipunan. Photos and map courtesy of the Ateneo Traffic Bulletin.

Note: There seems to be no end in sight to the traffic mayhem in Katipunan, in the vicinity of Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, and University of the Philippines-Diliman. And 'traffic management' is turning to be an 'oxymoron' for MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) people!
To avoid the traffic gridlock under the Katipunan flyover, I now take the following route: from Xavierville avenue I turn left to Abada St., then turn right to the road leading to Katipunan (near McDonald's and Shakey's), then turn right to Katipunan and take the Katipunan flyover until the Katipunan-Santolan u-turn slot! Then head back to Ateneo, avoiding Gate 2 (which is always clogged with vehicles) and enter Ateneo via Gate 3.
This is an additional 10 kilometers (approximately) added to my normal route in going to Ateneo.

Read below for more Katipunan traffic woes:

8 August 2008

Ateneo Campus security reported that the northbound traffic in Katipunan had slowed down at 6:45 a.m. They noted that vehicles making a U-turn (see map above) in front of Miriam College after the footbridge had occupied all southbound lanes, blocking ALL southbound vehicles.

The U-turn above is the 3rd from the U-turn under the flyover. Yesterday MMDA closed the U-turn to the south of flyover (left arrow). Only the U-turn to the north was left open.

6:50 a.m.: Northbound vehicles, including those from Ateneo, slowed down.
6:51 a.m.: Note unidentified dark colored Pajero that went against the flow of traffic to join vehicles making a U-turn towards UP.
6:52 a.m.: Unidentified men in white t-shirts moving the concrete barriers in the U-turn area.
6:59 a.m.: Unidentified men trying to adjust concrete barrier that fell on its side.
7:07 a.m.: Southbound lane still blocked at the U-turn area. No MMDA traffic enforcer was around to direct traffic.
Northbound vehicles (going to UP on the right lane) decided to go south, adding to the gridlock.
More vehicles followed and make the U-turn adding to the grid lock.
Still no MMDA traffic enforcers to direct traffic.
Northbound lane before the C.P. Garcia U-turn is full of vehicles not moving.
Vehicles trying to make a U-turn at C.P. Garcia are at a standstill. Passengers started walking to UP and to Miriam College.
A UP secondary student running to UP with vehicles in the background.
MMDA and Quezon City traffic enforcers start arriving at the area around 7:15 a.m. They could not go through the vehicles caught in the gridlock.

The gridlock in Katipunan started at 7:00 a.m. and lasted till 8:44 a.m. Many Grade School and High School students were late this morning. All motorists caught in the gridlocks have their respective complaints against MMDA’s traffic management efforts.


Sax Mann said...

More on MMDA's grand plan on decongesting traffic in Katipunan:

Ateneo entrance at Gate 3; U-turn slot stays closed--MMDA

Stan said...


I read with interest your/others’ comment on Katipunan traffic. I would like to add a few of my own.

(1) the former u-turn slot underneath the NBS footbridge is inherently dangerous esp for motorists going north via the flyover; and must be permanently closed IMHO. Several unsuspecting souls have already hit the concrete barriers. Good thing nobody has been killed yet.

(2) I together with many others believe the major cause of traffic jams in Katipunan is the Ateneo community. If Ateneo goes on vacation (e.g. on a religious holiday), Katipunan becomes a virtual speedway.

(3) Within the Ateneo community, the grade school contributes highest to the “traffic footprint”; more than college and high school combined. A grade school holiday means a decongested Katipunan (even if the college and high school have classes). I would blame GS parents/yayas/drivers for this as many park in no parking zones esp during “sundo” time allowing only a single lane for passage.

This practice lengthens the queue of cars entering Ateneo thus worsening the mess along Katipunan.

If the community prefers to use their cars, then they must learn to live with the daily jams.

And, isn't it about time for Ateneans to learn to use public transpo and/or their legs.