Monday, August 25, 2008

Ants and Traffic Jams: Can Ants Solve Traffic Congestion?

Note: In conducting literature search for my Katipunan traffic congestion study, I encountered an interesting video about the topic "ants and traffic jams." In this video, the ant colony optimization algorithm is discussed in connection with solving a perennial urban problem: traffic jams or congestion.

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Stan said...

FYI - traffic was relatively light at Katipunan this morning of Tuesday, Aug 26 2008 except for the light but manageable build up in the service road fronting McDonalds and Cravings. I think I know the reason why - Ateneo Prep to Grade 3 students do not have classes today (the grade school calls such an occasion "home study day").

As a result of the speed in traversing the grade school area, the usual build up has somehow shifted to the high school as seen from slow-moving HS-bound traffic in the street fronting the Church of the Gesu.

This leads me to a hypothesis that a slight change in class schedules involving the Grade School, High School, and Loyola Schools may help ease the current traffic mess. My suggestion is for the HS to start their classes earliest (say at 7:15 am), followed by the LS (at 7:30 am), and the GS at 7:45 (at 7:45 am). As it currently stands, the GS starts first (at 7:15), followed by LS (at 7:30), and then HS (at 7:45).

My thinking is that some decongestion is to be expected because (1) cars carrying HS and LS students would flow naturally to Gate 3 esp for those students who come in via the flyover and (2) traffic in the HS and LS would have settled down by the time GS traffic starts to come in.

Just the same - I still think MMDA did the right thing in closing the U-turn slot in front of the National Book Store.

Stan Jorge (an Ateneo parent)