Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dr. Moon Kim (IBM, USA) On Grid and Cloud Computing: ISGC 2008, Taipei, Taiwan

Photo caption: Dr. Moon Kim of IBM (USA) is shown giving a talk during the Industry Session of the International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC 2008), 11 April 2008, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Photo taken by Raffy Saldaña (

ISGC 2008

Academia, Sinica, Taipie, Taiwan

11 April 2008

Industry Session

Moon J. Kim

IBM Senior Technical Staff Member

Chief Architect and Master Innovator

moonkim "at"

Grid Motivations

Accelerate Business Processes
- Faster, more accurate decision making
Productivity and Collaboration
- Access to distributed data, information insight
IT Optimization
- Improve
Accelerate. Collaborate. Optimize
IBM: 45, 000 developers
Server Grid Infrastructure
Grid services
Grid management center
Grid resource controller
Virtual Storage
Data Grid
Content Delivery
Cloud Computing
A cloud is a pool
Vietnam Ministry Leverages Cloud to Run Innovation Program

CNGrid Team

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