Sunday, April 6, 2008

International Symposium on Grid Computing 2008, Taipei, Taiwan: Tutorial on EGEE and gLite

The aim of this practical is to gain an understanding of the Information System by exploring the GILDA grid. This will be done by the use of the "lcg-infosites" and "lcg-info" commands.


1. Use putty
2. Login to the Yaim Tutorial Server:
3. Enter User Name
4. Enter Password
5. Enter Certificate Password


The "lcg-infosites" command is actually just a perl script wrapping a series of LDAP commands and was developed to allow the user to retrieve information on Grid resources for the most common cases.

Before beginning it is worth observing that "lcg-infosites" does not use your VOMS proxy certificate and hence all commands need to include the option "--vo gilda" (note that you can actually query the information for any VO supported by GILDA).

Start by getting a list of the compute elements available in the gilda VO and the state of the associated CPU's:

lcg-infosites --vo gilda ce

Note: Follow the details indicated in the tutorial page with the following link:

Tutorial Page Link:

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