Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grid Activities in Asia Pacific: International Symposium On Grid Computing (ISGC 2008), Taipei, Taiwan

(a) Dr. Marco PAGANINI (Italy) - Chair

(b) LEE (Singapore)

(c) VANNARAT (Thailand)

(d) SUHARDAMIN (Thailand)

(e) BABILONIA (Philippines)

ISGC 2008
Academia Sinica,

Grid Activities in Asia Pacific III

Chair: Marco PAGANONI (INFN, Italy)


"Grid Services Provisioning"
Hing-Yen LEE, (NGO, Singapore) (remotely)

"Computing and Information Grid Development in Thailand"
Sornthep Sornthep VANNARAT (NECTEC, Thailand)

"GRID Initiatives in Indonesia"
Basuki SUHARDIMAN (ITB, Indonesia)

"Grid Activities in the Philippines through the Philippine e-Science Grid Program"
Rey Vincent P. BABILONIA (ASTI, Philippines)

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