Friday, May 9, 2008

2nd Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO 2008)

Photo Caption: (L-R) Dr. Rafael Saldaña is shown giving an orientation to official contestants, Christopher David of the Philippine Science High School (Main Campus) and Fabian Lorenzo Dayrit (Ateneo de Manila High School) before the start of the APIO contest. (From the photo collection of Raffy Saldaña)

Today, 10 May 2008, several countries from the Asia-Pacific Region are participating in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO 2008). This year's contest is coordinated by the APIO Organizing Committee of Thailand with Dr. Punpiti Piamsa-nga of Kasetsart University (Thailand).

I am the delegation leader and site manager for the Philippines. The APIO 2008 Philippine Site is being organized through Ateneo de Manila University and the Computing Society of the Philippines.

This year, we (the Philippines) only have a small token delegation to the APIO. Some of those who qualified (from the 1st Philippine National Informatics Olympiad) are out of the country.

The official Philippine contestants to the APIO 2008 are:

(1) Christopher David (Philippine Science High School, Main Campus, Quezon City)
(2) Fabian Lorenzo Dayrit (Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City)

Participating countries/territories in the APIO include the following:

1. Australia
2. Bangladesh
3. China
4. Chinese Taipei
5. Hong Kong China
6. India
7. Indonesia
8. Japan
9. Korea
10. Macao China
11. Mongolia
12. New Zealand
13. Philippines
14. Singapore
15. Sri Lanka
16. Thailand
17. Vietnam


On behalf of the Computing Society of the Philippines and the School of Science and Engineering of Ateneo de Manila University, I would like to thank the following for valuable contribution to the APIO Philippine Site Contest:

1. Dr. Pablo Manalastas
2. Dr. Felix Muga
3. Mr. Andrei Coronel
4. Mr. Michael Samson
5. Mr. Allan Espinosa
6. Mr. Christopher Rigor
7. Mr. Ryan Tamayo
8. Mr. Mark Bautista
9. Michael Blancaflor
10. Ateneo Mathematics Department
11. Ateneo Department of Information Systems and Computer Science
12. Office of the Dean, School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University


Dr. Rafael Saldaña
Delegation Leader and Site Administrator
Philippine Site
2nd Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO 2008)

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didith said...

When will they post the results, Raffy?

Rafael P. Saldaña, Ph.D. said...

Hi, Didith.

According to the Thai Organizers (they are the host of APIO 2008) final results will be known by Tuesday (May 13, 2008).