Saturday, May 24, 2008

SMACS 2008: Symposium on the Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science (Cebu, Philippines)

SMACS 2008
4th Symposium on the Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Workshop: 4 to 6 August 2008
Seminar: 6 to 7 August 2008
Venue: University of the Philippines-Cebu Colleges, Cebu City

SMACS 2008 is the fourth meeting on the mathematical aspects of computer science that will be held in the Philippines organized by the Computing Society of the Philippines. The first was in 1997 (UPCB), the second was in 2004 (UP-Baguio) , the third was in 2006 Adventists University of the Philippines.The symposium is divided into two parts: a workshop and a seminar.The workshop (4 to 6 August) will run during the first three days and will consist of lectures on fundamental areas of computer science which are mathematical in character. The lectures will be synoptic and tutorial in nature and will cover topics from courses that are sometimes offered as upper division undergraduate courses.This year's tentative topics are:
  • Computer-supported Argumentation and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
  • Theory of Formal Languages with Applications
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Parallel Algorithms, and
  • Introduction to BioInformatics
The seminar (6 to 7 August) will be held in the last two days. It will consist of paper presentations on researches in the mathematical aspects of computer science. There will be invited talks on the current and still potent area of mathematical aspects of computer science.SMACS provides a venue for teachers, researchers and graduate students of Computer Science, Computing, and Mathematics to share and upgrade knowledge on areas of Computer Science which are mathematical or theoretical in character.Location: The lectures will take place at the University of the Philippines-Cebu Colleges. The campus is located at Lahug, Cebu. Cebu City is known as the "queen city of the south" in the country.

Visit the SMACS 2008 website for details.

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