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4th PRAGMA Institute, National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan

The 4th PRAGMA Institute
December 1, 2008~December 5, 2008

National Center for High Performance Computing (NCHC)

No.22, Keyuan Rd., Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung City 40763, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Toll Free From Within Taiwan:


The 4th PRAGMA Institute is sponsored by the National Center for High-Performance Computing at the National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan. The theme of "Advanced Technologies Institute with Trust and Diversity" is followed. The institute encompasses applications discussions include resources and data, life sciences, geosciences, and telesciences. The institute includes in-depth tutorials on PRAGMA community and member-institutions-developed software and applications technologies.


Day 1 (1 Dec. Monday) ─ Opening & Bioscience

Session 1 @ 3D Theater

9:00~9:30 Welcome Opening

‧NSC delegate
‧Dr. Joe Juang, President, National Applied Research laboratories (NARL)
‧Dr. Eugene Yeh, Director, National Center for High-Performance Computing
‧Dr. Peter Arzberger, Chair, Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware

Assembly (PRAGMA) (VTC)

SEAIP Delegates

9:30~10:20 (moderator: Whey-Fone Tsai)

New Frontier: Pacific Rim Cyber – Environment For 21st century Education
and Collaborative Research ─ Dr. William Y. Chang, NSF
10:30~10:40 Photo Session
Coffee Break

Session 2 (Moderator: Whey-Fone Tsai) @ The 3D theater

10:40~11:40 Digital Clinical Chart of a Work of Art (I) – Dr. Maurizio seracini, CalIT2
11:40~12:20 Avian Flu Grid: International Collaborative Environment for Team Science on
Avian Influenza ─ Dr. Wilfred Li, UCSD

12:20~13:30 Lunch

Session3 (Moderator: Wilfred Li ) @ classroom A

13:30~14:00 Molecular Biology study for Avian Flu ─ Dr. Jung-Hsin Lin,Academia Sinica
14:00~14:30 Avian Flu Study in China ─ CNIC (VTC)
14:30~15:00 Current progress on Avian Flu study ─ Dr. Aisyah Saad, USM
15:00~15:20 Coffee Break

Session 4 (Moderator: Wilfred Li ) @ classroom A

15:20~15:50 The deployment of enterprise hospital information system - experiences and
lessons learnt from a real world use case ─ Mei Ling Hsu, Chia-Yi Christian

15:50~17:30 Hands-on Applications: CSE On-line ─ Dr. Thanh Troung

Day 2 (2 Dec. Tuesday) - Science for Art @ National Palace Museum (By invitation only)
Session 1 (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin) @ NPM conference room

9:30~9:45 Welcome Speech & Introduction of National Palace Museum, NPM
9:45~10:45 Digital Clinical Chart of a Work of Art(II) – Dr. Maurizio Seracini, CalIT
10:45~11:00 Coffee Break

Session 2 (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin) @ NPM conference room

11:00~11:40 Practices of Material Analysis of Art works in National Palace Museum and
Louvre Museum, Dr. Tung-Ho Chen, NPM
11:40~12:20 Digital Archiving in NPM, Dr. Quo-Ping Lin, NPM
12:20~14:00 Lunch

Session 3 NPM

14:00~17:00 Tour on IT facility and Archives of National Palace Museum.

Day 3 (3 Dec. Wednesday) ─ GeoScience & Telescience

Session 1 (Moderator: Ming-Chi Chen) @ 3D Theater

09:00~09:40 Global Lake Environmental Observatory Network ─ Dr. Tim Kratz, U.
Wisconsin Madison.

09:40~10:10 Taiwan Long term Observation for Ocean Research – Dr. Forng-Chen Chiu,

10:10~10:30 Coffee Break

Session 2 (Moderator: Whey-Fone Tsai) @ 3D Theater

10:30~11:00 AIST Geogrid updates ─Dr. Ryosuke Nakamura, Dr. Satoshi Sekiguchi, AIST

11:00~11:30 Current Telescience Development ─ Dr. Shinji Shimojo,Osaka University

11:30~12:00 Formosa II, III, IV ad V ─ Dr. Guey Shin CHANG, NARL

12:00~12:20 Flood Mitigation in Taiwan ─ Dr. Yi-Fong Wang, Water Resource Agency

12:20~12:50 3D GIS Taiwan – Dr. Whey-Fone Tsai, NCHC

12:50~14:00 Lunch

Session 3 (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin) @ Classroom A

14:00~14:20 APEC TEL Information Grid and tools development ─ Dr. Hock Beng Lim,
Nangyang Technology University, Singapore

14:30~14:45 Tools in Flood Grid ─ Dr. Te-Ling Chung/ Shih-Ching Lin, NCHC

14:45~15:00 High Definition Video Streaming in Kenting – Yu-Te Lin, NCHC

15:00~15:20 Coffee Break

Session 4 (moderator: Fang-Pang Lin) @ classroom B

15:20~17:30 Regional Opportunity for Global Observatory Network – GLEON, CREON and
APEC TEL Network. (Presentation from interested institutes.)

Day 4 (4 Dec. Thursday) ─ Resources & Eduation

Session 1 (Moderator: Weicheng Huang) @ Int'l Conference Hall

09:00~10:00 Cloud Computing – Dr. Phil Papadopolous, UCSD (VTC)

10:00~10:30 TWAREN & Applications – Dr. Te-Lung Liu, NCHC

10:30~10:50 Coffee Break

Session 2 (Moderator: Weicheng Huang) @ Int'l Conference Hall

10:50~12:20 Hands-on for ResourcesⅠ—Dr. Yoshio Tanaka, Dr. Weicheng Huang

12:20~14:00 Lunch

Session 3 (Moderator: Steven Shiau) @ classroom A

14:00~15:20 Hands-on for Cluster Management: DRBL/Chronzilla – Steven Shiau et al

15:20~15:40 Coffee Break

Session 4 (Moderator: Shih-Ching Lin) @ classroom A

15:40~17:00 Hands-on for Collaborative Network: Colife – Shih-Ching Lin et al

Day 5 (5 Dec. Friday) ─ Site Visit & Cultural Experience (by Invitation Only)

Session 1-2 (Moderator: Fang-Pang Lin)

09:00~16:00 Visit Taiwan Endangered Animals Research Institute & Cultural Experiences

in Chi-Chi and vicinity area

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