Monday, November 10, 2008

ACM ICPC Philippines 2008: University of Saint Louis (Tugegarao) Participants

Name of School/Institution: UNIVERSITY OF SAINT LOUIS
Address: Mabini Street, Tugegarao City, Cagayan Region II
Contact Person: Mrs. Tomasa D. Bitanga
Position in School/Institution: Academic Dean, School of Information and Computing Sciences

Full Name of Coaches:

1. Bernardo E. Juan
2. Mark Alvie B. Baltazar

Full Name of Contestants/Age/Year Level and Course (Including Alternates):

1. Jefferson S. Gonzaga / 20/ 4th year / BSCS
2. Sophia Darsie T. Reyes / 19 / 3rd year / BSIT
3. Christian Roy N. Melad / 17 / 2nd year / BSIT


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