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Travel Notes: Frankfurt, Germany (October 2008)


Photo Caption: The 'Romerberg' in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo taken on October 16, 2008 by Raffy Saldaña (
Travel: City Sights of Frankfurt, Germany

Dates Visited: October 12 and 17, 2008

How I got there: 1st visit: Via car from Bensheim, Germany; 2nd visit: Via train from Heidelberg (Germany).

Interesting Sights Visited/Seen:

1. Train Station
2. Romerberg
3. Romer
4. Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice)
5. Alte Nikolaikirche (Old church of St. Nicholas)
6. Saalhof (Romanesque palace, now Museum of History)
7. Eisener Steg (pedestrian bridge)
8. Archaeological garden
9. Kaiserdom: Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomaus
10. St. Paul’s Church
11. Karmelitengasse: Carmelite monastery

Interesting Facts About Frankfurt:

Brief history of Frankfurt City –

794 AD – Earliest records mention franconofurd, the “Ford of the Franks”, as the location of a Frankish Royal Council and s synod of bishops. Its geographically favorable location at the only ford across the river Main allows the town to gain rapidly in importance.
11th Century AD – Trade fairs take place for the first time on the Romemberg (Roman’s Hill)
1152 – The cream of the aristocracy meets in Frankfurt to elect Friedrich Barbarossa to be the King of Germany for the first time. Until the ‘Holy Roman Empire of the German People’ comes to an end in 1806, 33 out of a total of 52 kings and emperors are elected here.

Interesting Experience:

1. Visit to the Romerberg
2. View along the river banks of Main
3. Dinner in a Frankfurt restaurant/bar


Reference: Frankfurt: An Illustrated Guide to the Metropolis on the Main, Kraichgau Verlag, 2004.

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