Saturday, November 8, 2008

Travel Notes: Luxembourg (October 2008)

Luxembourg City,Luxembourg

Dates Visited: October 20 – 21, 2008 (Monday and Tuesday)

How I got there: From Koblenz (Germany) I took an Intercity train (IC) to Luxembourg, about two and a half hour’s ride.

Interesting Sights Visited/Seen:

1. The Bock, a Unesco World Heritage Site
2. Monument du Souvenir
3. Pont Adolphe (Adolphe Bridge)
4. Petrusse fortifications
5. Cathedral
6. Hotel de Ville (Town Hall)
7. Place Guillaume (Statue of William II)
8. Grand Ducal palace
9. Place Clairefontaine (statue of Grand Duchess Charlotte)
10. Eglise Saint-Jean Baptiste
11. Church of St. Michael
12. Old Town Center

Interesting Facts About Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is the capital city of one of the smallest countries in Europe.
In 963 Count Sigerfroi built a stronghold on the rocky outcop known as the “Bock” that sits beside the old Roman road from Reims to Treves that runs along the Alette Valley.
In 1443 the Dukes of Burgundy managed to capture the city. For the four centuries that followed the city was dominated by foreign princes: from Burgundy, Spain, France, Austria, and the German Confederacy.

The Grand Duchy was born in 1839 through the efforts of William II, King of Holland and himself Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The city of Luxembourg has been the official residence of the Grand Dukes ever since and the number of residential areas has grown under their reigns.

Interesting Experience:

1. Visiting the the Bock and Casemates


Reference: A Walk Through Luxembourg, Editions THILL S.A.,

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