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Travel Notes: Strasbourg, France (October 18, 2008)

Strasbourg, France

Date Visited: October 18, 2008 (Saturday)

How I got there: From Heidelberg, I took a train ride to Karlsruhe (about 1 hour). Then From Karsruhe, I took an Intecity train to Ofenburg (about 1 hour). From Ofenburg, I took a train ride to Strasbourg which passed by Kiel.

Interesting Sights Visited/Seen:

1. Train station
2. Cathedral
3. Rohan Palace
4. Place Kleber
5. Rue Merciere
6. Astronomical clock by Dasypodius
7. Kammerzel house
8. Hospital tower (13th century city walls remains)

Interesting Facts About Strasbourg:

“Hemmed in by the medieval network of urban fabric, the cathedral is Strasbourg’s symbolic monument. At the end of Rue Merciere, lined with half timbered 17th century houses, the church dedicated to our Lady was constructed on the highest point of the agglomeration. The western façade, all in pink sandstone, 66 meters high, is a summary of architectural art of the 13th to 15th centuries.

The piece which unquestionably attracts the most curiosity in the cathedral is the astronomical clock and its rotating figurines. It was designed between 1570 and 1574 by the Strasbourg mathematician Dasypodius. The mechanism stopped working in 1780 and was restored between 1838 and 182 by another Strasbourg genius, Jean Baptieste Schwilgue.

Interesting Experience:

1. Visiting the cathedral – very impressive!
2. Riding the minitram
3. Seeing lots of people at Place Kleber


Reference: Guide Decouverte Strasbourg, 2008.

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