Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Wish and the Significance of Number 48

It's my birthday today and I am now 48 years old -- two years before the Golden Age.

I was born on November 11, 1960 (the year of the Rat, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio) in the historic province of Bataan, Philippines.

Although my mind is very active (like a young person) my body is getting weaker: my bones are aching and my mobility is being impaired :( [But I am still photogenic, he-he-he].

It's my fault... Because of my sedentary lifestyle. I really need to do more physical exercise.

For my 48th birthday, here's my wish (list):

1. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Creatures.

2. A solution to the current global financial crisis.

3. That the Philippines will not be included anymore in the list of most hungriest countries in the world.

4. Happiness, prosperity and security for my family, relatives and love ones.

5. More success and fulfillment to all my colleagues and co-workers.

6. A successful schoolyear to all my students.

7. Less conflicts, more collaborations.

While searching the very handy wikipedia (www.wilipedia.org) I found out the significance of number 48:

Here are some excerpts (Source: www.wikipedia.org):

In mathematics

  • Forty-eight is a double factorial of 6, a highly composite number. Like all other multiples of 6, it is a semiperfect number. 48 is the second 17-gonal number.
  • 48 is the first number of the form (24.q) and is in abundance having an aliquot sum of 76.
  • It is the lowest composite number to fall into the 41-aliquot tree having the 7 aliquot number sequence,(48, 76 , 64, 63, 41, 1, 0). 48 is highly abundant with an aliquot sum 158% higher than itself.
  • 48 is the smallest number with exactly ten divisors.
  • There are 11 solutions to the equation φ(x) = 48, namely 65, 104, 105, 112, 130, 140, 144, 156, 168, 180 and 210. This is more than any integer below 48, making 48 a highly totient number.
  • Since the greatest prime factor of 482 + 1 = 2305 is 461, which is clearly more than 48 twice, 48 is a Størmer number.
  • 48 is in base 10 a Harshad number. It has 24, 2, 12,and 4 as factors

In science

In Astronomy

In religion



11 November 2008
in Quezon City, Philippines

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