Saturday, November 15, 2008

PANDA Grid Member Sites

The MEDGRID cluster of the School of Science and Engineering of Ateneo de Manila University is a member of the PANDA Grid Network. Below is a list of PANDA Grid Member Sites:

1. Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)
2. Bucharest (Romania)
3. Dubna (Russia)
4. Frascati (Italy)
5. Frascati-2G (Italy)
6. GSI (Germany)
7. GridServer (United Kingdom)
8. Juelich (Germany)
9. Juelich_2 (Germany)
10. KVI (Netherlands)
11. KVI_PBS (Netherlands)
12. NPE (United Kingdom)
13. PGDB (United Kingdom)
14. Pavia (Italy)
15. SMI (Austria)
16. ScotGrid-2G (United Kingdom)
17. Torino (United Kingdom)
18. Torino-2G (Italy)
19. Vienna (Austria)

Relevant Links:

Ateneo Grid and High Performance Computing Group (A-Grid)


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