Saturday, November 8, 2008

PhilJol (Philippine Journals Online) Newsletter

Today (8 November 2008) I woke up very early in the morning [I am a morning person =) ]. As usual, one of the things I do in the morning is to check my e-mails and update my blog.

As an optimist, I am always excited to encounter somehing new -- new information that adds to knowledge.

One of the new things I learned today is that PhilJol (Philippine Journals Online) (Note: I took part in the PhilJok workshop last May 2008 in Ateneo) has published a newsletter, the PhilJol Newsletter, and the first issue included a link to my blog, Raffy's World (Random Notes, Random Thoughts):

Click on the following link for details:


8 November 2008
in Quezon City, Philippines

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