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Travel Notes: Karlsruhe, Germany (October 18, 2008)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Date Visited: October 18, 2008 (Saturday)

How I got there:
From Heidelberg, I took a train ride to Karlsruhe (about 1 hour).

Interesting Sights Visited/Seen:

1. Palace
2. Town Hall
3. Market square and pyramid
4. Train station

Interesting Facts About Karlsruhe:

Legend has it that Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden once had a vision of a star-shaped city in a dream, which gave rise to the initial idea for Karlsruhe’s fan-shaped or radial lay-out. The oundation stone for the lavish royal residence, much loved by Voltaire, Goethe, Napoleon and Henreich von Kleist, was laid on 17 June 1715.
Karsruhe is Baden’s culture capital. It is the venue for the Euopean Days of Culture and the Handel festival.

Although not yet even 300 years old, Karlsruhe has a rich tradition as a city of science, research and high-tech. Each of the two most outstanding inventions were the brain-child of Karlsruhe citizens: Karl Benz, born in the Muhlburg district, brought us the motor car, and Baron von Drais the “Draisienne hobby horse”, the predecessor of the bicycle.

Interesting Experience:

1. Eating corn with paprika at the train station
2. Seeing a firefighting demonstration at the market square
3. Seeing rival gears worn by Karlsruhe fans and Bayen fans


Reference: Karlsruhe Brochure, KMK Karlsruher Messe-und Kongress-GmbH Markbereich Tourismus

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