Sunday, July 8, 2007

BSPT Batch D: Birthday Greetings Via E-mail

Before the existence of e-mails, e-groups and the Internet, we used to send birthday cards via the post office (or what we call snail mail) to greet a friend, a colleague, or a relative. Now, most people send birthday greetings via e-mail (or text messages using cellphones).

Today (7/9/07 Manila time) is the birthday of Ruby, one of my classmates in college (Philippine Normal College, now known as Philippine Normal University). In college, we were members of a group of NSDB-PNC Proj. 7405 Ed. (NSDB is now known as the DOST or Department of Science and Technology) scholars taking up Bachelor of Science in Physics (for Teachers) or BSPT. We belong to the fourth batch, or Batch D. Now, we maintain an e-group, the bsptbatchd in yahoogroups. Through this e-group, our BSPTD classmates send birthday greetings and other messages.

Thanks for the e-mails, the e-groups, and the Internet. Now, it is easier (and more convenient) to send birthday greetings :)

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