Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to Japan, Day 6

(Photo caption: A view of Lake Kawguchi in Kawaguchiko, Japan. Source:

{ Note: This is a narration of my recent to Japan, from 7/17/07 to 7/30/07 )

Day 6. July 22, 2007. Sunday.

Today I checked-out from Hotel Okura. I took the Tsukuba Express train from Tsukuba to the Akihabara train station in Tokyo. The trip was about 50 minutes. From Akihabara station I took a train going to the Tokyo station. From the Tokyo station I bought a roundtrip ticket from the JR bus terminal that will take me from Tokyo station to Kawaguchiko and back. The bus trip from Tokyo station to Kawaguchiko station took about 3 hours.

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