Saturday, July 14, 2007

Haiku No. 1

Haiku is a mode of Japanese poetry. Gerard England (see ) has this to say about haiku:

"The haiku is a very simple form of writing. So think many poets exposed to this verse for the first time. The more perceptive of them soon realise that it can in reality be rather difficult. A casual glance at magazines or web pages will often show a wealth of examples, good, bad and indifferent. On asking further the poet usually gets told that haiku are traditionally written in three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. They may also be told that all haiku include a "season word" (kigo) to indicate the time of year to which the haiku relates. For a beginning this might do."

I have written haikus in the past, but I have already forgotten about them. Since I will be going to Japan soon (see my blog post "Preparing For My Trip To Japan"), I though of writing a haiku.

I am writing this blog post inside my condominium unit with a view of Eastwood (in Libis, Quezon City), Ortigas (in Pasig City), and Makati City (See my blog post "A Room With A View".) The sky is overcast and it is raining in some parts of Metro Manila.

Below is my attempt at writing a haiku:

Haiku No. 1:

buildings tall and small
cover the horizon view
-- raindrops are falling

(7/14/07, Manila time)

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