Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to Japan, Day 5

(Photo caption: A view of Mt. Tsukuba, source:

{Note: This is a narration of my recent trip to Japan, from 7/17/07 to 7/30/07.}

Day 5. July 21, 2007. Saturday.

The second day of the JAMIT 2007 conference featured all sessions in Japanese. So today, I went to Mt. Tsukuba. I took a bus from the Tsukuba bus loop (actually, I had two bus rides).

The weather was not very good when I reached the foot of Mt. Tsukuba. I walked to a nearby shrine ( avery old one) and from there, walked to the cable car (actually a train) station. The cable car brought us to the peak of Mt. Tsukuba. But at that time, it was very foggy and visibility was practically zero. I had coffee in one of the shops and bought a souveneir item - a ceramic figure of a frog with two baby frogs. There is particular frog which is famous in Mt. Tsukuba. (Details will be supplied later).

In the evening, I had dinner with Dr. Toshi Nakai an colleagues in Seibu, a department store complex located at Tsukuba city center.

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