Thursday, July 5, 2007

Draft Statement of Condolence for Gerry's Family

This morning (7/6/07, Manila time) I received an e-mail from my colleague Emmanuel (Dr. Emmanuel Lagare), an active CSP member and former officer, professor at MSU Iligan Institute of Technology, and former chairperson of the CHED (Commission on Higher Education) technical panel on information technology. He suggested to me that the CSP Board of Trustees pass a formal statement of condolence for the family of Gerry (Dr. Gerardo Trinidad) (See my earlier blog post "Farewell, Gerry!").

Below is a draft statement of condolence that I wrote this morning and which I posted to the CSP Board of Trustees' e-group ( ). I am now waiting for feedback from my colleagues in the CSP Board.


{ Draft Statement }

We, members of the Board of Trustees of the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP), commiserate with the family of Dr. Gerardo S. Trinidad.

Gerry (as we fondly call Dr. Trinidad) has made a great contribution not only to the Computing Society of the Philippines but also to the ICT community in general.

He was a founding member of the Computing Society of the Philippines and was one of the members of CSP’s Board of Trustees. He produced the first CSP newsletter and later he became an associate editor of the Philippine Computing Journal (PCJ), the official publication of the CSP.

Gerry was not stingy with his time and talents. He readily agreed to referee articles and papers for the PCJ and the Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC), the annual convention of the CSP.

Although based in Melbourne, Australia, Gerry shared his research expertise to Filipino computer science students and academics. He was the Ph.D. thesis adviser of Dr. Caslon Chua, dean of the College of Computer Studies of De La Salle University and Vice-President of the CSP.

We mourn the loss of our colleague, Dr. Gerardo Trinidad, and we pray for his everlasting peace.




July 6, 2007


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