Monday, July 9, 2007

BSPT Batch D: Photos from Tess in Japan

(Photo Captions: (1) Tess and Jun, (2) Tess and Sachi, in Tokyo, Japan)

This morning (7/10/07, Manila time) I received an e-mail from Tess (via our batch e-group) with attached photos. Tess was my classmate in college (Philippine Normal College) and we belong to a group of DOST scholars (NSDB-PNC BSPT Batch D). She sent us three photos: a photo of Sachi (her daughter who celebrated her 13th birthday recently), a photo of Tess and Sachi, and a photo of Tess and Jun (her Japanese husband). Tess and Jun are living in a Tokyo suburb and they are blessed with three kids. I have visited Tess and her family in Tokyo twice already during some of my visits in Japan.

I will visit Tess, Jun and their children again soon. I will go to Japan from July 17 to 30, 2007 to attend the 2nd ONCO-MEDIA research meeting and to present two papers in JAMIT 2008 (Japanese Association for Medical Imaging Technology) to be held in Tsukuba, Japan.

See you soon, Tess and Jun...


(7/10/07, Manila time)

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