Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Travel Notes: The Bock Cliff in Luxembourg

. Photo caption: Photo taken using my cellphone camera (N6500) during my visit at the historical Bock Cliff in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg last October 21, 2008. From the photo collection of Raffy Saldana (http://raffysaldana.blogspot.com/). All rights reserved.

Note: I visited Luxembourg City on October 20-21, 2008. One of the historic sites I've seen in Luxembourg is the 'Bock Cliff' which is very close to the Old City Center.

To view more photos taken during my visit to the Bock Cliff, please click on the following link:

Bock Cliff Description


  • Luxembourg's Bock cliff, with its cannon-loopholes, is joined to the city by the Castle Bridge (1735) in which is the entrance to the famous Casemates.

  • On the Bock plateau are the remains of the old castle, discovered in 1963, now the Memorial of the Millennial Existence of the City.

  • There are beautiful views of the suburb of Grund and of the Rham Plateau, also of the barracks built by Vauban (1865), the big towers and remains of the Wenceslas wall (1390).

  • In the distance is the powder-magazine of Fort Rubamprèz (1847), the redoubt of Fort Rumigny (Vauban, 1688).

  • Further on can be seen the National Institute of Sports and, higher up, the remains of Fort Dumoulin.


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