Thursday, June 12, 2008

Activity List, 6/12/08

Here are my activities for today (12 June 2008):

9:30 am -- Went to the bank to pay bills and to transfer funds.

12:00 noon -- Met my Ma 20 class. Topics: Slope of the secant line, slope of the tangent line, derivative as the slope of the tangent line, derivative of sum and difference of two functions, evaluating the derivative of functions involving radicals using the power rule.

1:30 p.m. -- Met my Ma195a.15/Ma 256 class. Topics: Bisection method (algorithm and example), finding the error bound for the bisection method.

5:30 p.m -- Organized a despedida dinner for Allan Espinosa (cluster system administrator and junior faculty of the ECCE department). Allan is leaving for Chicago, USA on Monday (6/16/08)to pursue graduate studies (leading to Ph.D. in Computer Science) under the tutelage of Dr. Ian Foster (the Grid Computing guru).


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