Friday, June 13, 2008

Activity List, 6/13/08

Here are my activities yesterday, 13 June 2008:

1. Updated my course websites (blogs):

AMC 124 (Discrete Mathematics)
AMC 44A (Project Paper 1)
Ma 195a.15 (Seminar on Numerical Analysis)
Ma 20 (Calculus)
Ma 256 (Numerical Analysis)

2. Met my Ma 20 class. Topics: Formal definition of the derivative and limit of a function. Examples.

3. Went to my additional subjects, AMC 124 (Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science) in Rm. SEC A214; but my students did not arrive. I was told later that there was a confusion about the room assignment. My students went to a different room located in Faura Bldg.

4. Had a phone conference (3 - 4 p.m.) via Skype with EUAsiaGrid partners ( involved in WP5 (training). Topic: preparation for the July grid computing workshop in Malaysia.

5. Had a short meeting with Dr. Fabian Dayrit (dean, School of Science and Engineering) regarding the cluster system administration.


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