Friday, June 6, 2008

Syllabus for Ma 20, 1st Semester, SY 2008-2009, Ateneo de Manila University

Ma 20 (1st Sem 08-09)
Calculus for Economists

Professor: Dr. Rafael P. Saldaña
Class: 1200 – 1330 T-TH; 1130-1230 M-W-F
Consultation: 1500-1700 W-F or by appointment
Textbook: Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences (9th ed), Barnett, et al.

Course Description: Limits and continuity; derivatives and differentials, some applications of derivatives, antidifferentiation, the definite integral, partial derivatives and the total differential of functions of more than one variable.

Specific objectives:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

1. Have an intuitive notion of the concepts of limit and continuity of a function; apply the limit theorems and obtain the asymptotes of the graph of a function.

2. Find the derivative of algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions; interpret the derivative as a measure of slope and as a rate of change; use derivatives as an aid in sketching the graph of a function and to solve optimization problems.

3. Determine both the definite and the indefinite integrals of functions; interpret the integral as a measure of an area of a region; apply different techniques of integration; solve differential equations.

4. Find the partial derivatives and the higher order partial derivatives of functions of more than one variable; determine the maximum and minimum values of multivariate functions and use the method of Lagrange multipliers to solve constrained optimization problems.

Course outline:

Topics / Sections / Tentative Exam Date

LT1 , The Derivative , 3.1-3.7 , June 26 (Th)
LT2 , Graphing and Optimization , 4.1-4.5 , July 17 (Th)
LT3 , Additional Derivative Topics , 5.1-5.5 , August 5 (T)
Midterms , August 8 (F)
LT4 , Integration , 6.1-6.5 , August 28 (Th)
LT5 , Additional Integration Topics , 7.1-7.3 , Sept 11(Th)
LT6, Multivariable Calculus, 8.1-8.4,8.6 Sept 30 (T)
Final Exams, Oct 6-11

Course Requirements:

6 Long Exams (100 pts each)
(the lowest will be cancelled) = 500 (max)
Midterm Exam (200 pts) = 200 (max)
Final Exam (200 pts) = 200 (max)
Quizzes, Homework, Recitation = 100 (max)

Grading System/Class Policies:

92 – 100 = A
86 – 91 = B+
77 – 85 = B
69 – 76 = C+
60 – 68 = C
50 – 59 = D
Below 50 = F

The final grade is computed as follows:

(total score/highest possible sum) x 100%

converted to a letter grade based on the above table.

· A student with a class standing of at least 90% prior to cancellation of the lowest exam may be exempted from taking the final exams.

· There will be no make-up quizzes or homework.

· Use short bond paper and pens in exams.

. Always bring a scientific calculator.

· Absence in a TTh class meeting is considered 1 ½ cuts; in an MWF meeting, 1 cut. Any student who accumulates more than 18 cuts will get a final grade of W. A late is considered a cut.

· No eating, sleeping, use of cellular phones during class. Cellular phones must be in silent mode. Avoid going out of class once classes have started unless there is an emergency. The teacher reserves the right to send anyone outside the classroom on the grounds of discourtesy to the teacher or to a fellow student, misbehavior in the classroom.


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